Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 22 - For the Sake of Truth.
page 153

      I also remembered Olive's story.  I told the people in attendance in the auditorium the story that Olive had told me at our last meeting on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, at a tiny resort at Point No Point. I suggested to the people that China is in the same position than the people are who are described in that story, together with everyone else around the world. I reminded them that the USA was about to launch a global war on civilization in a hopeless quest to create a world empire. I pointed out that the quest was hopeless for the USA, since such an empire can never be build, and it was hopeless for humanity too, since any attempt to build this kind of empire would destroy the world, including the USA and China, especially China.
      I told them that China is the number one target in America's quest for world domination, because it poses the greatest threat to its would be empire. This threat lies not in China's military might, I assured them, which is minuscule, but lies in China's potential for economic development. I pointed out that for this reason, China and all of Asia is scheduled to become transformed into another Africa, a minutely subdivided, impoverished, war-torn, dying continent. That is what is at stake.

      I told the people that the only course of action that can save China, is to create a deep reaching cultural paradigm shift throughout China, unfolding on every level, down to the grass roots level, that links society back in time to the principles established during mankind's brightest periods, based on the tallest intellectual traditions that were created during the last twenty-five hundred years of mankind's humanist and scientific development. "That is what LaRouche represents," I said to them, "and that is what everybody else around the world must also represent. Since this kind of a goal is not easily won, LaRouche must be seen in the minds of the people all over the world as a resource for their own fight, a kind of political resource that has the potential to alter the policies of the government in the USA and in other nations."
      I pointed out that if the people around the world don't see LaRouche as a resource, they are not in the fight to save their civilization, and consequently, civilization will collapse. I told them that Russia tried this once in terms of their antimissle defense, and destroyed themselves economically under the resulting burden, as LaRouche had warned them say would. I suggested that the same can happen politically. Standing isolated by itself, China will likely be torn apart as planned. In the process, huge numbers of the world's people will die.
      I told them that this is the reason why LaRouche is a valuable resource for them in their own, and absolutely necessary, fight to save their world. I told them that without this resource, they have have no hope. Since America owns the military machine that can carry out the destruction of the world, the fight for a policy change had top begin within the United States itself. This is what LaRouche aims to address. I told them that this makes his fight, their own personal fight, even the fight of every human being on the planet, because there exists no one on this planet who is not affected by the outcome of this fight. This means that LaRouche must receive the kind of support from around the world that is required to put him into a position to reorganize U.S. policy away from the war policy, to a renaissance policy. If it is necessary for him to be in the White House to do that, then the whole world must organize itself in such a manner that its actions will put him there, because it is in their most vital interest. And why shouldn't it be possible to do this? I pointed out that LaRouche stands on a taller platform than the one that Franklin Roosevelt stood on when he promised the American people a brand new world, who was then given the chance to deliver. The outcome from that election changed the world. It literally saved civilization. Had Hoover been elected, Hitler would surely not have been defeated, and might have ruled the world in awesome murdering way. 
      I pointed out that LaRouche stands not only on the platform of America's tallest intellectual tradition, as did Franklin Roosevelt, but stands on the entire platform of the tallest intellectual achievements in human history, especially those of the last twenty-five-hundred years. There exists no other leader on the American political scene today, or on the global scene, who can say that, or who comes even close to be able to say that.
      Certainly, I agreed, that there is a need for China and other nations to develop that kind of leadership for their own self-government, but I pointed out that in today's time of intense crisis, everything must be focused onto the already existing potentials to carry forward the fight, and to carry it forward at the critical world-strategic flash point inside the USA, where the battle will be decided, and where LaRouche is fighting at the leading edge. No military commander would ever pull troops away from the most critical strategic battle in a war. To the contrary, he would throw every available resource into this battle, for if this battle isn't won, nothing matters afterwards. This must be the attitude of every human being towards LaRouche, and that of every government and nation towards him, because LaRouche must be seen as a vital focal point of their own fight for survival.

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