Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 22 - For the Sake of Truth.
page 149

      I drew a smaller square, a quarter of an inch high, a mere line really, the width of the marker. "This represents Argentina's debt," I explained. "A quarter trillion, actually less. But this tiny bit of debt is the amount that the IMF is destroying Argentina for. They are squeezing Argentina to death, because that nation can no longer pay the interest on this tiny bit of debt. People are dying, because of the IMF's insane interest collection demands."
      Having said this, I took the measuring tape and measured out thirty-three inches, and drew a square of the same width, but thirty-three inches high. The white board was just large enough for me to do that. "This represents America's debt," I said to the man. I watched his face. I noticed a stunned disbelief. "Our debt is a hundred-twenty times as large as Argentina's," I said to him. "It costs us close to eight trillion a year to service that debt. But who can pay such a sum if the entire product of the entire nation amounts to no more than ten trillion a year?"
      I drew an eight trillion dollar square and a ten trillion dollar square on the board, and explained that America could service its debt alright, if nobody in the entire country required any money to eat and live, drive a car, buy closing, insurance, heat their house, and so on. I told the man, that the reason why we have this huge debt, reflects in part the fact that the economy does no longer produce enough for people to live on. "We borrow and import, and create debt. So, how do we pay the debt service charges? Well, we can't, and we don't. We roll everything over into new debt. Next year our debt will be over forty trillion. The bottom line is: The debt can never be repaid. America is bankrupt. That is why our corporations are lining up at the bankruptcy office, and a lot of pretty big ones, too. America simply doesn't have an economy anymore. There is nothing of substance left in its financial system; in its physical economy; and in its people who believe that this mess represents a healthy economy."
      I sat down again and told the man that he makes the same mistake that the American people have made, who have been piratized for decades, who believe the lies that they live in a powerful and rich country, even while the economy is dead in the water and nothing is moving anymore.
      The man made a gesture as if he would answer, but didn't.
      "Our own people, the American people, refuse to see the reality," I said to him. "This is a disease, and the people of China have been infected, badly, with this disease. They are not as down and out yet, as the people in America, but they are suffering, and if you ask them, possibly anywhere in China, they will tell you that money equals wealth. We have a thirty-three trillion dollar debt to prove that money does not equal wealth, that the only wealth that a society has is its productive economy of which we don't have much anymore, and the little that we have left, is piratizing society for the last drop of its blood."
      "China really is in a rut," said the woman next Jacky, who appeared to be his boss. "We are trending in the same direction. O lot of things don't work anymore in our country, that used to work well. And money is always behind those failures."
      "That's a dangerous position to be in," I replied. "You should realize that. You should also realize that while America is beyond being just broke, it is still a huge military power, and an insane one at that. You should also realize that this insane power is threatening China with extinction. China is surrounded by American bases. America wants to force China into a slavery position, so that it will keep America from going under, physically. That is the goal, and China lacks the military power to prevent that."
      "We have spent an equivalent of twenty billion dollars annually on defense," the heavy set man interrupted.
      "America spends twenty times that every year," I replied quietly, "and we have only a fifth of the size of your population. In other words, we are spending a hundred times as much on warfare preparations, per capita, than you do. We are the biggest military power on the planet. And the reason for this is rather simple. We do not only believe that money is wealth, we also believe that property is wealth, and property can be stolen. That is why we have a huge military. We want to be able to steal. We want to be able to steal the oil of the Middle East, according to our own statements, and we want to steal the oil in central Asia, and whatever other natural resources are there; just as we have declared that the resources of Africa belong to us, for which we have begun to depopulate Africa. We have said these things, and we are doing these things. Of course, it is all a sad delusion that those goals can actually be reached, because property does not equal wealth. Property means nothing in itself. If you own all the oil in the world, and you kill all the economies of the world with methods of piratization, what have you got? Nothing! Oil is only of some value as an energy resource for a thriving economy. Of course, once you realize that, you look for your wealth in the physical economy, and you channel your oil into it in such a manner as to make your physical production grow, which is your wealth. That is how the human society builds itself up, and the key element in this is not property nor money, but the human element. That is the element that drives it all; that creates the wealth; that is what needs to be enriched. And that element is something that one cannot steal with military might. This element can only be created by means of self-development."

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