Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 22 - For the Sake of Truth.
page 148

      Ross agreed. He said that it is utterly stupid for the nations to keep running to the IMF, asking the pirates to bail them out.  "They shouldn't do it.  The bottom line is, that the nations around the world are borrowing money from the IMF, some at credit card rates of interest, and this for no other purpose than to keep the IMF system alive; that is, to keep the pirateering alive that is killing them economically, and is murdering their people physically in the process of it. There is nothing good in this system for any nation, for which this system deserves to be kept alive. The nations are stupid to fall for the IMF genocidal terrorist tricks."
      "Actually, the nations aren't doing this voluntarily anymore," interjected Steve. "The IMF agencies and their masters whom they serve, are literally scaring the countries into compliance. They even use terrorist tactics when the mere scaring doesn't help anymore. If this happened during the Renaissance, I can assure you, the whole lot would be in jail. But nobody did this kind of pirateering during the Renaissance, for the simple reason that the people didn't look for wealth in money. They found their wealth in what was being produced. But today, we live in a totally different world, with a totally different kind of thinking that border on insanity. That is why money is everything and the pirateers reign supreme. Society treats them like heroes, and bows to them as they stick their knives deeper into people. On this platform the IMF has killed more human beings during its reign from 1965 on, than Adolf Hitler ever did, or ever hoped to do."
      The fat man protested again. "America is a rich country," he said. "It doesn't have to resort to such tactics. And it doesn't even tolerate them. I have been there. I have seen it with my own eyes."
      "You may have seen what once was, or what appears shiny on the surface, but you have not seen the real America as it exists today," said Ross. "I have lived in that country. The entire social infrastructure has been privatized, and been given to the pirates, and they are sucking the blood out of society on a massive scale."
      "You should ask yourself one simple question," said Ushi. "Does a society exist to produce profits for the pirateers, or does it exist to ennoble itself, to create an environment that makes living worthwhile and a rich and beautiful experience?"
      "You are trying to create a renaissance!" the heavy set man interjected in an accusing tone of voice.
      "Is that a crime?" Ushi asked in reply. "Naturally, that takes a bit of an effort. The environment for a renaissance must first be build. It must be created. Indeed, I agree, nobody is doing this anymore, or wants to. The whole western world has made a paradigm shift towards stealing. We have become a society of pirates and thieves. Everybody wants to profit and get rich by doing nothing. That happens on every level. And that is precisely why today's entire world-financial system is bankrupt and is falling apart, because we have shifted ourselves away from producing into stealing. Now America has come to the point where virtually nothing is being produced anymore. This means, that there is nothing left to steal, except a huge pile of debt."
      The fat man just laughed. "You can't make me to believe that," he said and kept on laughing.
      Ushi nudged me and handed me a small measuring tape that she had in her briefcase for some reason. It was plain to see what she was saying.
      I took the measuring tape from her hand and went to the white board. They actually did have a white board in the room, with real erasable makers, not the chalk board I had expected. I measured out a square a half an inch high.
      "This represents the debt load of Brazil," I said to the heavy set young man. "It amounts to a bit over half a trillion dollars. This debt load is big for Brazil. It is also big enough to bring the entire world-financial system down when Brazil defaults on this debt."

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