Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 22 - For the Sake of Truth.
page 147

      "A society's wealth is found in the products which it is able to produce for itself to enrich its existence," I said to the lady who had asked the question in the first place. I told her that the European society figured this out in the late 1300s and created at total shift in its thinking. "Out of this shift in thinking," I said to her, "the Golden Renaissance unfolded, that became one of the greatest periods of human development of all times, and in every respect. It became one of the richest periods in history, and this without money bags standing at the center of it, or any pirates robbing society blind. These wouldn't have been tolerated. They would have been incarcerated. Of course, the people of this historic period had a little help in making this paradigm shift, because the people of ancient Greece had already laid the foundation for this revolutionary intellectual transition fifteen centuries earlier. All that the people had to do, was start the paradigm shift and to go back in time to the best intellectual tradition. They studied it, read up on it, and refined it, and of course, they took it a few steps further."
      "The American people obviously can't read anymore," said Ross and laughed.
      "Oh, they can read all right," Steve responded. "They read Aristotle, the traitor of humanity, who teaches them the art of pirateering, who tells them that pirateering is good. The whole Aristocracy is reading that nonsense, because this nonsense doesn't require them to produce anything of value. It only requires them to steal what other people produce. Stealing is easier. They even call the thieves, nobility! Stealing is noble. That is the crap that the American people read. And that is also what they are doing all over the world. They are stealing the lifeblood out of the global society, quite literally, all around the globe. And they have given themselves the laws, and the titles, and the authority, to do this global pirateering legally. Nevertheless, giving the pirates fancy titles, laws, and positions of power, doesn't make their crimes against humanity right. The fact remains: Piracy can't create a productive economy, but destroys it, and thereby destroys nations. China does not stand as an exception from this."
      "NO," said the fat man again, "you are wrong. How can you be babbling about piracy? America is a noble country. Maybe it is a bit ambitious, but basically it is OK."
      He turned to me, as it were for a private scolding. "I am ashamed of you. I am ashamed of having you in this room. You are insulting your own country by calling America a country of pirateers. The fact is, America is helping every country on the planet. Whenever a country is in trouble, the people go to the IMF and cry, bail us out, bail us out! Then the IMF goes to America, and America comes up with the money, reluctantly perhaps, but it always pays up."
      Ross smiled at him. "That's a part of the problem," Ross replied. "If the American system is so wonderful, why is it, that the whole world is in trouble and keeps on running to the IMF, bail us out, bail us out? Did you ever ask yourself that question? And did you ever ask yourself why the IMF pays up, again and again?"
      "The IMF has never been interested in helping a country's economic development," said Ushi, "at least not since 1965 when the IMF had been hijacked, itself. From this time onward, the IMF has become a debt collection agency for the pirateers. It became a part of the restructured world-financial system, that became a system designed for pirateering, that destroyed and bankrupted the world-economy. Indeed, the IMF has no choice but to pay up to bail out the bankrupt nations, because if it doesn't, its entire system becomes unglued. Not a single country that is receiving the so-called IMF bail out funds, ever sees one penny of the money anymore, it only sees its debt grow. The IMF takes all the bail-out money right back to pay for debt service demands. That's why the IMF gives it out in the first place, to avoid a sovereign default that could bring its whole house down."

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