Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 22 - For the Sake of Truth.
page 146

      "What has this got to do with China?" a woman interrupted, who was sitting next to Jacky. She appeared to be his boss.
      "The answer is: Everything!" I said quietly. "You have just demonstrated that you believe that money is wealth, like all of America does. Everybody believes that to be true, but it isn't true, as history has shown. The people in Europe believed that money is wealth, in the early 1300s. They were taught this belief by the banks. It was in the banks' interest to teach that lie to the population, because to the banks it was true. They were pirates. They stole everything from everybody. Their piracy made them wealthy, but not for long. With their pirateering they destroyed the whole system. Until this last day, when the final collapse of this system happened, everything had functioned on a platform of pirateering. Suddenly everything all of that became invalid. The system collapsed, because it is impossible to build an economy on the platform of stealing from one another. Unfortunately for society, most people didn't realize the truth until everything had collapsed and half the population had died."
      "America fell into the same trap," said Steve. "We have become a nation of pirateers. Everything we did became profit oriented, not production oriented. Everything that society required for its existence, became hijacked by the pirateers and used for squeezing profits out of society. Everything that we had once built as a nation was privatized, just as the pirates had demanded, which expanded the foundation for their ever increasing looting of society. Energy production; banking; water supply; transportation; the food supply; even some highways, bridges, and the entire health-care system, all were privatized and given to pirates for pirateering."
      Steve laughed. "You are asking why America is dead? Just look what happened to us as a people. Our first mistake was, that we accepted the axiom that money represents wealth. With that we ruined our financial system. When the financial pirates saw their paper values collapsing, they were looking for a way to trade their paper values in for real value. Consequently they coerced and pressured and prodded all the governments all over the world to sell their most precious national assets to the pirates. They called it privatization. This process transformed and wrecked the economies, because it changed the character of the infrastructures from being a support platform for the nations' economies, to becoming profit mill by the looting of society. It was our second mistake to allow this happen. We thereby literally gave away our privilege to love, which had once been reflected in our national infrastructure for enriching one another's existence. We gave the substance of ourselves into the hands of a 'raping' pantheon of pirates. Could any nation have dome more damage to itself than this? Hardly!"
      Ross pointed out, that officially, the national assets were sold at auction, but in reality they were given away for pennies on the dollar of their real value. "They were effectively stolen from society, by the pirates, as a means for stealing more," said Ross. "Then, everyone else got into the act, too. Eventually, the entire society became profit oriented pirates, stealing from one another. The real production of things that enrich society very existence, became a secondary issue. We gave this vital task to other nations. We had to do this. Since we didn't have much of an economy anymore, we had no option but to have other nations do the producing for us, nations like China. We gave China the 'opportunity' to allow itself to be piratized, and China complied. China supplied America with industrial products which the American pirates couldn't be bothered to produce for themselves. In return the pirates gave China worthless bags of money that China couldn't use to buy much of anything with from America, since America didn't produce much of anything anymore that China could use, or very little of it. Still, China felt itself to be rich, because it was told that money is wealth. That means, that China fell into the same piratization trap as everybody else, because China, too, believed that widely accepted lunacy that money is wealth. China fell into the same trap, as America did, only in a different way, and not yet quite as deep. China's delusion that money equals wealth caused the Chinese people to willingly throw the products of their labor away, for virtually nothing in return. That means that China is literally throwing the products of its people into the garbage can, in real terms. It is trading real value for something that has intrinsically no value. That's stupid, isn't it? And China is not alone in this," Ross added. "The whole world has been drawn into this game, so don't feel badly about it."

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