Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 21 - 'Empty' People
page 144


     With this having been said, our host invited us and the four students to a waterfront sidewalk restaurant for tea. On the way to the market square, along crowded streets I had a chance to mention something to the students that they were not aware of. Actually, the students themselves prompted me on that.
     "What shall we call our discussion session?" asked the young woman who spoke English well. "Shall we call it, Welcome to the 21st Century?"
     Another girl, who had been silent until then, shook her head. "We should call it, Welcome to the 18th Century," she said slowly in broken English, which was difficult for her to pronounce.
     The tall man agreed. "Euler was hired to refute Leibnitz who grew up in the 'sunlight' of the Treaty of Westphalia, who through his scientific insight had become the intellectual driver behind the American independence movement. Euler tried to discredit Leibnitz, but failed, because Gauss later refuted Euler, and all that had something to do with the independence movement becoming a powerful force in the world which the oligarchy tried to prevent. They were so scared, they staged the French Revolution in order to murder the leading edge thinkers of France, and created Napoleon Bonaparte later, who destroyed the intellectual elite of Europe, just for that. Yes, Welcome to the 18th Century, sounds good, because Gauss fought back."
     I shook my head. "If you focus on the 18th Century, you deny the achievements along this line in the 19th Century," I intervened. "At the end of the 19th Century, an American scientist by the name of Mary Baker Eddy pursued the same course as Gauss did, but within the spiritual sphere of Christianity. She had elevated the sphere of Christianity from its low Roman level, based on dogmatic religiosity that the people were forced to accept on a platform of faith. She had created a high level scientific platform for humanity, for its moral, spiritual, and scientific development. Her pedagogical infrastructures for this platform have never been surpassed, neither have they been implemented yet, except by herself."
      I explained that she herself, had been highly successful in implementing that platform which is located completely in the complex domain. Through years of observation, studying, and personal experiences based on pondering the great paradoxes that Christ Jesus had laid before humanity with his profound healing work, she discovered what she called, the absolute principle of scientific mental healing. And she delivered proof, by doing her own healing work that mirrored that of Christ Jesus.
      "You say that she worked her way up into the complex domain, in the spiritual sphere?" repeated the tall man. "You say that she proved this by doing the same kind of work that Christ Jesus did. You can't deliver better proof than that. But can that proof be understood? Can its geometry be understood?"
      "The answer is both, yes and no," I replied cautiously. " Yes, the poof was understood, because she was able to teach other people to heal in the same manner. And no, that proof is no longer understood." I explained that she had created a vast pedagogical infrastructure that enables a student to discover in a visual manner the complex interrelationships of profound universal principles, covering everything related to being human. " It covers the whole range of human experiences, from uncovering depravity, then ranging all the way up to the highest level of embracing the absolute spiritual domain. Whoever sits down and develops these pedagogical infrastructures in his or her mind will be able to determine at an instant what forces are working for or against the truth about man as a spiritual being in the image of God. All that was put in place in the latter part of the 1800s. She had used essentially the same process to refute religiosity of Christianity, which Gauss had used to refute Euler. Unfortunately, her pedagogical infrastructures still remain largely hidden behind the cloak of secrecy. As a consequence, the science that she had discovered and founded, has been reverted back into the sphere of a religion that people take merely on a note of faith.
      "So you see, Euler won again, even while he was long dead," commented the young woman who spoke fluently English. "Euler won once gain, probably for the same oligarchy that he worked for earlier, and which all the modern criminals in high places are still subservient to."
      "That project of ours really gets interesting," answered the other girl who spoke English only with great difficulty.
      "It gets more interesting still," I added. "The Eulers of this world may be able to hide that spiritual scientist's infrastructures, but they cannot hide the evidence of the impact of her work that had evidently been built on these infrastructures." I explained to the students that during last 35 years of that woman's life, no major victories were won by the synarchists and fascists of this world, for whom Euler had paved the way. Her effect on the world was like that of Gauss. But that all changed soon after hear death. Within two years after her death all hell broke loose, especially in the USA. The Federal Reserve, a private central banking system, was established in the USA by an act of Congress that gave away the nation's sovereignty over its currency into private hands. This crime may yet kill us all. Also, in the same year the Income Tax system was cemented into law, and the year after that, World War I broke out.
     The tall man, listening intently, sometimes nodded and sometimes shook his head. "That's Interesting!" he said at the end.

     While we were having out tea at the sidewalk restaurant near the market square, the tall man took a napkin and drew LaRouche's triple curve on it. He pointed to it. "This is a small example of the kind of visual images that you said the woman from America had created for the spiritual domain, isn't that so?"
     I agreed.
     He pointed to the lower curve that he had drawn steeply declining into the negative area of the graph. "That steep decline represents the physical economy," he said. "That is what society has experienced in terms of lost productive capacity in supporting society and fulfilling its needs. That decline is real. The curve represents real physical measurements of lost household income in terms of a family's available market basket. All of that has been collapsing since 1965, approximately."
     Then he pointed to the steeply rising curve in the upper part of the graph. "That curve represents the rise of the values in society's financial portfolios. And what do we see if we look at both of these curves together? We see the physical production of society collapsing, and the financial values shooting sky high at the same time. In other words, these values don't represent anything real anymore."
      "They represent a dream world," I agreed, " that is connected with the real world only in as far as the looting of the physical economy makes the financial values rise."
      "Anybody who looks at these curves with an open mind will instantly recognize, beyond any doubt," said the tall man, " that this system is in a systemic collapse phase. There is no way it can continue on, and there is no way it can be saved. The graphs illustrate that reality. A single look reveals the systemic crisis that the world is in. That's the reality. A single look reveals that the world's system of greed based economics is doomed, that it can't work, and never has worked. The graph can be supported with real numbers. But without this simple geometric illustration of these interrelationships, society has to take everything on faith. And with that, it is exposed to also take in all the oligarchy's lies, on faith.
     He sighed that the irony is, that the public is more inclined to accept the lies than to look for the truth which so easily provable. "Gauss refuted Euler, probably in order to put scientific honesty back onto the table which Euler had scrapped."
     "That means nothing more, than that we have to become honest with ourselves in all areas," I said to him, "even in respect to the way in which deal with one another as human beings, including in the social domain, and this right down to the lowest grassroots level. What should motivate us there? Should we be motivated by historically trained emotions and long standing axioms about the way things should be, that we take on faith? Or should we be motivated by recognized, universal principles that are understandable and provable?"
     I pointed to the Lu Rose, our ship that was anchored nearby, that was visible from the sidewalk restaurant. Its name was clearly readable. "That's what the name means," I said. " It means that we aim to be motivated by recognized universal principles, because they are understandable and provable."

     After tea, we continued our discussion on the upper deck of the Lu Rose in the light of the evening sunshine. The discussion lasted until long after the sun had set, when it was finally high time for dinner.
      "I wonder if Beethoven or Schiller had any idea as to what their music and their poetry might set in motion, centuries after their death, as is happening here in a small fishing town on the far end of the world from where they stood," said Steve while we were all busy preparing a quick dinner.
      The young woman, who had been our host, nodded. "I think they knew," she said. "I think they understood their immortality. The more important question that we should ask, is this: Do we ourselves understand our immortality, or are we afraid of it like Hamlet had been, and try to shrink away from the responsibility that accepting our immortality brings with it?"

     On that note the discussions on the Lu Rose adjourned that night, long after dinner, near midnight. That final question that had bee posed, remained unanswered. We all knew that this question is the very question that LaRouche had challenged humanity as a whole, to answer, and to answer it honestly. We also knew that this answer would change and would evolve and be continuously unfolding as we continue to uplift our humanity as human beings all over the world.

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