Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 21 - 'Empty' People
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A Case of Satanic Crime

      As we were leaving the auditorium,  a group of students blocked our way. "You should be arrested," one of them said in a loud voice as he watched our reaction. "Your speech constitutes a crime against humanity."
      "How so?" Steve interjected.
      "Isn't it obvious," said the tallest of the group of four, a young man with a beautiful gentle face. He spoke is a calm manner. "You told us about Thomas Hobbes and Adam Smith, and about the empiricists and the romanticists, and you were right that their philosophies add up to zero. You told us correctly that any person educated on the basis of their philosophies ends up  to be an 'empty' person, because there is no constructive substance in their philosophies. You told us also correctly that the USA has two entire generations educated on this basis, which thereby have become two generations of 'empty' people. You told us that this zero-sum education now creates huge problems for America's self-development into a productive society. That's all correct."
      "So what's the crime?" Steve interrupted. "What is the crime that you say we have committed?"
      "Your crime is the same as the crime of Euler and Lagrange, which Gauss proved to be a satanic crime," the tall man came back. "Except your crime is of a slightly lesser severity than the crime of Euler, who acted with the political intent to stupefy society, while you are merely guilty of the crime of omission. Still, the end result is the same, and that's tragic."
      Steve just smiled. It appears there was something that he wanted to say, but evidently thought it to be wiser not to open his mouth.
      "What is the crime of Euler?" our lady host intervened. "Be specific! If you have a charge to make, make it clear."
      The man stepped forward and raised his hand, but I stopped him. "I can answer that," I said quietly. "Leonhard Euler, born in 1707, was one of the most renowned mathematicians of the 18th Century. He was the Einstein of his age. His crime was not that he put forward anything that was technically incorrect. He crime was that he gave no valid proof of the truth of what he said. The so-called prove that he put forward literally proved nothing. Euler's proof was based on imaginary numbers that he invented to make his theorem work out."
     The tall young man nodded and turned to our host. "That's the crime!" he said. "Euler made his proof fit his theory, with the use of magic. He literally denied the existence of the complex domain in which the power of the human mind, the power of reason, becomes defined. Euler crossed out this entire domain. He said in essence: You have to take my solution by faith. And what choice did the people have? The people were literally forced to do that, because he gave no valid proof for what he said, and they believed him. They bowed to Euler and took his word as it were the word of God."
     "The same thing thing is happening still," I said quietly. "Society bows to the elite and demands no proof for whatever they say. But Euler went deeper than that. His denial of proof for the imposition of faith, essentially disables the scientific process of the human mind. The human intellect exists in the complex domain where we bring together what the senses tell us, with the principles that only the mind can behold. That's the domain that Euler denied. He presented a proposition and then invented magic numbers to proof the proposition, and with that he closed the complex domain. Gauss said no to that. He said that all truth is knowable and provable in such a way that it becomes visually apparent that ones proposition is correct."
      "I am glad that you agree, that you have committed a crime by leaving this vital aspect out of your presentation," said the tall man. "I am glad you agree that America has lost two generations, that became 'empty' people not primarily because they had been taught a bunch of nonsense that adds up to zero. You seem to recognize that they have become 'empty' people primarily because their minds had been actively disabled by reductionism, a kind of thinking that disables the complex domain where the eyes and the mind come together to provide an accurate and provable view of the universe. If you disable that view, you disable what defines a human being. You reduce humanity to the status of animals. You destroy our identity, our humanity, our divine image, our capacity to be creators to uplift and enrich the universe. That is a high crime; the highest crime that I can imagine. Euler committed this crime, and he did so intentionally on behalf of his oligarchic masters, no doubt. That makes his crime a satanic crime. And that, my friend is what destroyed two generations of human beings in the USA, in Europe, and in many other parts of the world. Not only were they not taught anything of substance, but in the process of this 'empty' teaching, their very capacity to think as a human being became actively disabled. Euler merely exemplified this crime which had countless disciples before him and after him, and with him. Humanity has elevated these criminals onto a high pedestal as though they were God. That is what turned two generations into 'empty' people. That is what you should have included in your lecture. That is also why I am so deeply disappointed. You began on the right note. I was overjoyed that finally somebody had the courage to expose the cause of the collapse of our civilization, but you never addressed the core issue. I was waiting to hear you expose it. But you didn't even address it. You didn't even mention it in passing."
      "Yes, that's the hidden crime that is been glossed over in the USA and in many parts of the world," said a young woman who stood next to the tall man. She spoke also in English. "It was on the basis of that that crime," she said, " that all the destructive economic and financial processes were foisted on the population, which would not have been possible without that underlying crime. Proof would have been demanded, but it wasn't. Now, everything is taken by faith. Absolutely nobody of these entire two generations demands any proof for anything. Everything is taken by a blind faith in the infallibility of the elite. And since there is no proof demanded, the people are dished up a great heap of lies. The two lost generations have literally become disciples of lies, and very destructive lies at that. These lies have destroyed the economies of the Americas, of Europe, of Africa, and to a large degree of those in Asia as well."
      "By not pointing out the basis for these lies," Steve said to me, and grinned, "which would have gotten people to think from a higher level as human beings, you have been abetting these lies and their destructive effect. That is what the student's accuse you of."
       " That's a crime, don't you agree?" said the tall man, looking straight at me, then at our host. Moments later he began to laugh.
      "How many students do you think would have understood anything of that?" our host asked the tall man, as it were in our defense.
      "That's an invalid question," the tall man replied.
      Steve began to laugh. "How many of your students have studied LaRouche?" Steve asked our host. "The answer to that is your answer." He turned to the group of four. "Obviously you have studied LaRouche."
      "Of course," we have, "said the tall man and began to grin. "Hasn't everybody?" He turned to our host. "Still, I must say that your argument is invalid. Plato's Meno dialog proves that these complex concepts can be understood by anyone. When Socrates, just by asking a few questions, can get an uneducated slave boy to develop for himself the proof, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it is possible to double a square geometrically, which involves a complex process, then anybody should be able to understand what we have just talked about, which is much less complex."
      "Would you be willing to accept an assignment to teach that?" our lady host asked me. "As you may realize, you have the reputation already established to get their attention."
     I shook my head. "That is precisely why I must decline. If I build on my reputation, then, what I would be saying, would likely be accepted by faith."
     I turned to the tall young man. "Why don't you teach that concept? Actually, I don't mean teaching in the standard sense. You should illustrate the principles in such a way that your students can develop an understanding of the truth in their own mind, and thereby prove to themselves that your are telling the truth."
      "You mean me?" that tall man said, surprised. "I am only a student in the school. How can I teach?"
      "You are a human being," Steve replied. "And as Pete just said, you don't even want to attempt to teach. That's what the Meno dialog is all about, isn't it. Socrates emphasized that no teaching would be required to get a slave boy to start working in the complex domain, and he proved to Menon that no teaching had been involved in accomplishing what the slave boy had been asked to do. Surely, you don't suggest that your fellow students are lesser human beings than this slave boy had been?"
      "I can see this to be a lot of fun," said our host to the tall young man, who was almost a foot taller than she. "If you accept the challenge you can be assured an honorable mention in the school history book, and if you do it well, you will receive a certificate of gratitude from the school."
      "What about us?" the young girl who had spoken earlier, interrupted.
      "Shouldn't a discussion panel have have more than one person on it?" our host replied. "You are all included in the challenge."
     Steve spoke up again. LaRouche expects to have a thousand youths educated on Carl Gauss along these lines. With these one thousand youths, he will have an effective majority over the entirety of the two generations of 'empty' people, and with that he will change the course of the nation and the world."
     Steve turned to the young man, and then to our host. "If you can raise the level of thinking in your school to the level that Gauss was working from - and don't make the project just a one week affair - you can turn this school into the most powerful intellectual center of the entire region, if not of China as a whole. You will literally create geniuses here. That is the inevitable result when people begin to think and see the world in terms of universal principles. In this respect, regard today's session as but a seed crystal for the process. If you carry this through. I can guarantee you that you will develop a whole new concept of education, and you will experience it with joy." 
     Steve turned to your host. "Yes, you will have fun with it, all of you. As you already know, Gauss didn't dispute Euler for telling mathematical lies. Euler told no lies. He committed a more hideous crime, a satanic crime, as LaRouche says, which you said yourself is the crime of denying the complex domain in which deliver proof to ourselves that we are human beings. Let's not commit the same crime ourselves, and let's have fun with developing that complex domain in which we find our humanity. Gauss proved Euler wrong in his famous paper on the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, which simply illustrates that all algebraic facts can be proven in geometry, and thereby be demonstrated irrefutably to be correct by way of illustrating the principles involved. If that doesn't open the door to a lot of fun, what will? Gauss was no older than you are, when he did this, and he changed the world. In order to do that, Gauss had to uplift the very concept of geometry itself, out of the Euclidian space concept, to a higher level of perception of geometry. Sure, it's a hell of a challenge to get oneself up to that level. I have trouble with that myself, but it is also a lot of fun to discover how far one can go in ones understanding of the universe."


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