Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 21 - 'Empty' People
page 142

      I alos pointed out to the students that the principle of the reverse paradigm shift has actually been known and understood for a very long time, since we find it illustrated as far back as in Christ Jesus' parable of the parodical son.
      I told them about the parable: In the parable a father has two sons. The younger asked the father to give him his inheritance so that he could use it and make his way in the world. But being unwise the son wasted it all, to the point that everything he had was gone. Then, at his deepest despair, when he had nothing to eat, but was feeding with swine out of the same trough, he remembered the world of his father. He recalled that even the servants lived like kings compared to him. So, he returned home asking to be made one of the servants. As it was, he was honored again as a full fledged son. I told the students that this is an example of how a reverse paradigm shift can actually begin in real life situations.
      I pointed out that this story represents a starting point, because with the reverse paradigm shift comes a full fledged acceptance of the principles on which the prior paradigm was founded.
      I pointed out that in the American intellectual tradition the nation's fundamental principles were expressed in the development of effective industries, and infrastructures to support the industries; and machine tool industries; farming industries; transportation industries; health care industries; all supported by national banking and nationally financed infrastructure building. All of these were build on the principles of the nation's constitution; the general welfare principle and so on.
      I also pointed out that the nation's constitution itself, was recognized to have been build on two other, world-constitutional principles. The first was established in 1439-40 at the Council of Florence as a philosophical kind of constitution that laid the basis for the Renaissance with a higher perception of God, man, nature, and truth. It was an intellectual kind of constitution that gave a new image to humanity that brought to a close the dark ages.
      I repeated that the second major world-constitutional principle was established in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia that ended a long period of war by putting the principle of universal love on the map, which totally reversed the Hobbestian notion that might is right, and that love is legitimate only in the private domain between two people, and nowhere else.
      I pointed out to the students that an understanding of these founding world-constitutional principles was a part of the American intellectual tradition that flourished profoundly during the F. D. Roosevelt renaissance. I pointed out that FDR himself had created two new world-constitutional principles. One of these established the end of imperialism as a minimal platform for a civilized human society and a necessity for the survival and the advance of civilization. This world-constitutional principle still needs to be globally accepted, but it was put on the map by FDR and had become a part of the American intellectual tradition from this point on, as the logical outcome of everything else that was understood. That was a part of the paradigm that a reverse shift needs to reestablish.
      The second of FDR's world-constitutional principle was his Bretton Woods monetary principle of fixed exchange rates between nations, which all the nations agreed to. This world-constitutional principle was thrown out six years after the baby boomers took over, and was replaced with the floating exchange rate Pantheon of currency speculators. Nevertheless, the Bretton Woods system remains to be a part of the paradigm of the American intellectual tradition.
      I pointed out that when LaRouche talks about a reverse paradigm shift back to the platform of the American intellectual tradition, he talks about a return to these constitutional principles that had become a part of that tradition by which America had prospered, as a minimal standard for a nation and a world; a kind of threshold that one should not drop below.

      I pointed out that the world was presently operating on a level that is miles below this minimal standard, which corresponds to the fact that nothing is working anymore, almost anywhere in the world. Consequently, LaRouche put the Bretton Woods principle back onto the map, as a minimal world-constitutional standard, a standard that, if implemented, will end the currency speculator's Pantheon. And since the world has become so thoroughly destroyed over the last thirty-five years, LaRouche put forward another world-constitutional principle, which is the Eurasian Land Bridge development principle as a necessary minimal standard to create the conditions for the economic survival of humanity in a largely destroyed world. This principle, once again, is totally rooted in the various other principles established within the American intellectual tradition. The reverse paradigm shift reestablishes those traditions and brings to light the essential nature and legitimacy of the Eurasian Land Bridge world-constitutional principle.
      The reverse paradigm shift also brings back into view FDR's other world-constitutional principle, that of ending imperial rule in the world. LaRouche established on this platform a related world-constitutional principle that challenges the world's nations to establish their economies on the foundation of sovereign national banks, for creating long term, low cost credits for infrastructure and industrial development, including the development of education, culture, and health care. It has been a long-standing element of the American intellectual tradition to keep all imperial elements out of this vital arena.
      I pointed out that this principle hasn't always been followed, but it had been put on the map almost from the beginning, and has now, finally, been put totally on the map by LaRouche as a minimal standard for a civilized economy. It has become recognized as a part of the old paradigm that had been thrown into the trash can in 1965 in exchange for the new paradigm designed for the total imperialization of the world, which involves an insanity that the world cannot survive.
      I pointed out that the old paradigm of the American intellectual tradition also includes the paradigm of the world-constitutional principle on which it is founded, the Peace of Westphalia principle. The reverse paradigm shift includes a return to this principle. I pointed out to the students that the principle of universal love that became a key element of the Peace of Westphalia was manifested at this time in history in a total forgiveness of all debts, claims, reparation demands, atrocities, accusations, slanders, and so forth, as a background for building a platform for recognizing the full sovereignty of all nations as a condition for peace. LaRouche calls for the same principle to be respected still, which should bring about an international agreement for putting the entire bankrupt world-financial Pantheon through a bankruptcy reorganization in order to save whatever industries and pension funds are still left standing. This principle also includes a return to equitable world trade, in place of the present pantheonic free-trade globalism. This means that we also have to go back to regulated industries in defense of the general welfare of the nation and the world, shutting down greed oriented structures, and hollow education systems, which are not a part of the American intellectual tradition.
      I pointed out that all of these principles really need to become accepted world wide, as world-constitutional principles, since the world has been run into the ground and cannot be recovered except by a return to the minimal standards of a civilized society which these principles represent. I suggested that FDR understood the need to do this when he declared that the world imperial system would come to an end. Had FDR not met an untimely death, and so had served two more terms as President, imperialism would have been history and all these higher principles would have been fully established.
      I pointed out that a reverse paradigm shift can accomplish the same results in the present world, even if it is carried out by a hollow generation, because the intellectual substance for this shift has already been fully established in American intellectual tradition, the very tradition that most people on the planet have been exposed to, to some degree in their past, and may still remember fondly for what it represented in cultural and economic terms. This means that the substance for a recovery is there; it exists; it doesn't need to be created first; it only needs to be utilized with a consistent commitment.
      I suggested that this means that the phrases: principle; universal principle; universal love; general welfare; national banking; sovereignty; industry regulation; constitution; constitutional principles; world-constitutional principles; Bretton Woods; Eurasian Land Bridge, etc., will all become reintroduced into the common language of society that they once had been a part of, at least most of them. I suggested that this terminology needs to be put back into the common language as soon as possible, and be talked about, especially the world-constitutional principle of universal love, because it is one of the greatest constitutional principles ever created. Not only did it shut down eight years of war when it was put on the map as an international constitution by the Treaty of Westphalia, but it also became the founding principle of the United States of America that once stood a "beacon of hope" for the world, and as a "pillar of liberty," which has been well acknowledged during the times when this was true, prior to the paradigm shift away from that intellectual tradition that stood at the back of it all.
      I pointed out that hardly anybody talks about the principle of universal love anymore, much less is this universal principle being translated into reality. I suggested that each individual in the world needs to start a reverse paradigm shift back to the acknowledgment of this principle, and develop an understanding of it, and of all the other principles that are build thereon.
      After I said this, no more questions were asked.

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