Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 21 - 'Empty' People
page 137

      I pointed out that he also knows the second bottle well, and pours from it freely; the bottle of the science of physiology. He understand the principle of economy as having both a human and a physical dimension. The first is a dimension of technologies and the infrastructures created by the human mind, while the physical dimension represents the products created on that platform. Where the zero-sum philosopher says, money is wealth, that man says, money is merely a tool. He says that soceity's wealth is in the human genius, which needs to be developed to its fullest potential. He says that only a sovereign, national, federal bank, that doesn't exist for profit, can operate on the acknowledged platform that money is not wealth, but a tool to develop the real wealth of mankind that is located in the human genius.

      I pointed out that this man also knows the third bottle with the label, the Science of Dialog. No scientific, political, or economic leader has raised the language of dialog to a higher level in modern history, than did this man. He is known and honored throughout the world for his extraordinary speeches, articles, and in-depth scientific papers, which he has put out, and still does, with a speed that is bewildering. The speed is consistently such, that if one thinks one understands the man, finally, one always finds that he has moved two more steps ahead again.

      I further pointed out that this man also knows the fourth bottle well, labeled the Science of the Constitution. He honors that science as no one else does. He speaks about the U.S. Federal Constitution in scientific terms, especially its Preamble, as a foundation for the nation, and he goes beyond it. He proposes the adoption of a global constitution that includes three elements. The first element involves the world's rededication to the principle of universal love, along the line of the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, which was the word's first major global constitution, and the greatest ever devised. His constitutional proposal is to use this platform and put the currently bankrupt world-financial system through a bankruptcy reorganization, in order to save the world economy from disintegrating totally. This constitutional principle worked in the past; it ended eighty years of war that had wiped out half the population of Europe. It has the potential to work again to save humanity from a worse fate.
      The second element of his world constitutional proposal is for the nations to recommit themselves to a new Bretton Woods type, world-financial system, with fixed exchange rates as a minimal standard for global economic recovery and industrial development. He sees this constitutional proposal as a replacement for the presently ruling Pantheon of floating exchange rate speculation.
      His third constitutional element for the world, is for humanity as a whole to commit itself to the building of the Eurasian Land Bridge and its global extension, as a minimal commitment to achieve a workable global economic development, including the extremely urgent redevelopment of Africa that has become a dying continent, as have many other places. One natural aspect of this global constitutional commitment will be the elimination of slave labor sweat shops, and an end to the enslavement of children that has currently trapped over two-hundred-fifty million children into a state of developmental hopelessness.
      Finally, I told the students that this man, who did all these things, and is still doing them, who has presented the only possible answer to the current crisis, and has done so for thirty-five years, is none other than the renowned American economist, scientist, and statesman, the eight times declared candidate for the U.S. Presidency, Lyndon H. LaRouche; the one man most feared by the imperial oligarchy; the most slandered man in America; the man most honored everywhere else; the man who is the most sought after political, economic, and pedagogical advisor in the world.

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