Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 21 - 'Empty' People
page 136

      I pointed out to the students that it is totally possible to disable an entire generation of people with this deeply disabling kind of education, even two successive generations in a row. I told them that in my own country a third generation of young people is now being disabled in the same manner. I suggested to the students, that in order for them to understand what this means in real life terms, we now needed to take a look at what such an 'emptied' person looks like, who has been deprived of everything that manifests our humanity.
      I pointed out that a human being is always a human being, whether that person is educated or not. In other words, the potential is always there to develop that humanity that we all share. I compared the human potential to a racing car, which is of no use to anyone if one doesn't know how to start the engine. For a human being to become effective in a modern society a certain level of humanist education is required to get the engine going. "In other words, we have to discover the value of the principle of universal good, which is the key element of our humanity, so that we won't be tempted to privatize everything that is good, and thereby deny its character and loose it altogether.  If one doesn't have that kind of education that brings out our generosity, our integrity, our industry and intellect, and so forth; nothing good happens in the real world, and everything good that has been established, will fall apart. 

      "Except, where does this leave us, living in a world that is ruled by a hollow generation?" I asked. "Don't we then end up living in a hollowed out world that threatens to collapse into nothing?"
      I suggested that the answer is, Yes. I also suggested that this answer must be followed up with another question, namely: What must we do to be able to survive in this disintegrating world?
      I pointed out to the student's surprise that the answer to that question has already been put forward long before the question was even asked by anyone. I pointed out that the answer has been put forward by a single man who understood the answer already thirty-five years ago; who has been in a battle to get people to look at themselves and take the necessary steps to refill their individual glasses to the brim. The man's battle has been a battle for scientific, spiritual, and technological development, to create a real economy, and to cause the same to happen throughout the world. He spoke about humanist development; universal principles; scientific dialogs of the highest order and on the whole front, including a dialog of cultures to unite the world. He also spoke about the constitutional principles, the sovereignty of nations, and the principle of universal love. He also talked for many years about a new constitution for humanity, a new financial constitution, a new Bretton Woods type world-financial system based on fixed exchange rates, built on proven universal principles.
      I suggested to the students that this man evidently knows the four bottles that represent the four essential domains of science which develop the substance of humanity, and he pours from them liberally.
      I asked them to look at what it is that he pours from the bottle of the science of universal marriage. I suggested that his hope is for a world of perfectly sovereign nation states existing in a community of principle, rather than an imperial world ruled by force, terror, and the arrogance of might. "He sees the people of the world as one humanity, and that perceived universally of our humanity, reflecting the principle if universal good, is reflected in all of his efforts."
      I pointed out that the evidence is founded in his large scale physical development proposals for Europe, North America, Africa, all of Eurasia, South America, the Middle East; development proposals on a huge scale that offer humanity a chance to live again. He speaks about infrastructure development in terms of a universal love for people that knows no boundaries or borders; which always, in the end, means universal human development as a means for enriching one another and to enrich our world as a whole. And he goes on fighting this battle today, against a hollowed out society living in a hollowed out world.

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