Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 21 - 'Empty' People
page 134

      "So, let me illustrate how this process works that creates empty people," I added.

      I took the bottle labeled "Adam Smith." I shook it well, and proceeded to pour from it into the empty glass, liberally. Then I took the glass and turned it upside down to illustrate that it is still empty, since nothing came out of it.
      I told them that Adam Smith says that greed makes the world go round; that the whole society benefits by an individual's greed. That's a lie. No principle supports that; nor does the reality support that, as it is illustrated by the most far reaching social experiment in modern history, which in the USA, was a generation dedicated to Adam Smith. Nevertheless, what Adam Smith says make a lot of sense to a hollow person, to a default person who lives like an animal, steeped in greed, because that person knows nothing else. Adam Smith reflects that person's mentality. Naturally, Adam's greed based economics makes a big hit with such a person, because Adam says what this person wants to hear. Thus, Adam Smith becomes embraced as a great genius, or some kind of god.

      I took the empty cup again and asked why the cup is empty. I said the reason is, that Adam Smith is a liar, because there is no verifiable truth in what he says. I pointed out that America's baby boomers had used Adam Smith for thirty-five years, and their children have used him, and what was accomplished? They have taken the richest and most powerful economy on the planet and reduced it to nothing more than an empty shell, and half the world along with it. America's industries are largely gone; destroyed by free trade and other types of looting. The world-financial system is another casualty, an empty shell, a once healthy system destroyed by a vast competition throughout the world in stealing from one another. The population itself is hollow, in terms that it can no longer produce, even the things that are necessary to sustain its existence. It is literally unqualified for anything more than to live as a consumer society. For that reason, it has been enslaving the world like the Roman Empire once did. It too, didn't know how to produce, and had no inclination to learn to do so. It simply died with a whimper on its lips.

      "Indeed, why would the baby boomers want to produce anything? Have they not been educated by Hobbes?" I asked.
      I took the bottle labeled "Hobbes" and poured out liberally into the empty glass. And again, as I turned the glass upside down, there was nothing in it. "Why is this so?" I asked.
      I answered that Thomas Hobbes has no principle to support his babblings. He speaks empty words. He says that love has no place in the world, except maybe in the smallest domain, in the privacy between two people. His motto is that human beings are animals, and in the animal world, might is right. He says that a person has every right to steal what others cannot defend. Thus society destroys one another and calls this a process of bettering itself.  Evidently, this can't work. There is no chance that it can work. It is an empty dream, that it will work. The reality is, that Hobbes was one of the war philosophers that dragged the nations of Europe into the hell hole of eighty years of war that developed into the worst military escapade in history, prior to World War Two. Still, Hobbes is celebrated today. Why?
      The reason is simple. Hobbes says to society that human beings are animals, therefore we should recognize ourselves that way and act accordingly. I pointed out that this kind of talk makes a lot of sense to a generation that is being prevented from developing itself into effective human beings. Hobbes, therefore, makes sense to a hollow generation that lives on the level of animals; a generation of fascist animals that supports destruction and killing people. In a very real sense, this deprived, default society has become educated into becoming fascist killers, and the song: Might equals Right, is indeed being sung again with fanfares and speeches about our heroic readiness to use nuclear weapons in preemptive adventures to wipe other nations off the map. We may not be quite there yet, but we are singing that type of song already.
      I suggested to the students that it doesn't take a great scientist to figure out that this approach doesn't build a civilization. If one adds up Hobbes and all the others like him, the end result is still zero. That's why the glass remains empty.

      After this, I took the bottle labeled "the empiricists and the romanticists," and poured out from the bottle into the still empty glass, liberally. And again, that glass remained empty. Why?
      I suggested that the reason in this case, for the glass being empty, is that these zero-sum philosophies are all hollow in themselves. The philosophers themselves admit this, and are proud of it. They say there is no such thing as truth, all is opinion. No dialogs please! Don't talk to me about truth, you violate my opinion, I don't want to hear of it! If you face a paradox, don't puzzle over it. Life is full of paradoxes. Besides, you are an animal, you're not supposed to think. The very best you can do in this case, is to form an opinion, and to help you, I will tell you what your opinion aught to be. I give you the information. It is save for you to accept that, because it is after all, only an opinion. The key is harmony. Get along with other people's opinions. Don't fight for such abstract ideas as truth!
      Naturally, to a person who is hollow inside, the words "don't think!" sound like music. Thus, two entire generations have been brought up on this music, without an ability to think. The end result is that the world has been thrown into a frenzy of worshiping opinions, like the opinion that Ariel Sharon is a man of peace, which is about as far removed from the truth as is the moon from the earth.
      An empty generation loves this kind of stuff, because it allows them to say anything they like, since there is no requirement to prove anything, or support anything with a verifiable hypotheses. Thus, they cry: Deregulate the economy! Let everyone's opinion prevail. Don't talk about truth. Talk about freedom in accounting practices.
      I suggested to the students that this bottle is empty, because there is nothing in it that adds anything of substance to the maintenance and advance of civilization.

      Next, I took the bottle that I had labeled "The Roman Pantheon," and poured from it liberally into the empty glass, and turned the glass upside down to illustrate that it remained empty. "Why did it remain empty?" I asked as in all previous times.
      I explained that a Pantheon results, when there is no constitution governing society. The Roman Emperor might have explained: Well, isn't every animal in the field entitled to live like an animal to its own liking? Sadly, this is still being said today about the human society. We have created two generations of people who have chosen the model of the Pantheon for their constitution, and rightfully so, because they lack the background to see themselves as human beings of a common humanity.
      They say, if I want to shoot dope, I should have the right to do so, and if I want to sell dope to make a buck, I should have the right to do that too. And the energy pirate says: If I have a chance to fleece society with outrageous electricity rates, I should have the right to do that also. And Ariel Sharon says, if I want to bulldoze a few Palestinian homes to the ground, I should have the right to do that, and kill the inhabitants if I want. And then the President comes along and says, well you guys, if I feel afraid of another country I should have the right to wipe out that whole nation. Finally the police chief taps you on the shoulder and says to you, well my son, since I don't like the way you look at me, I'll throw you in the brink for the rest of your life, because I have just claimed for myself the right to do that.
      I suggested that the pantheonic development leads to ever greater insanity, which obviously doesn't contribute anything to the advance of a civilization. Therefore, the glass remains empty.

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