Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 20 - A Poster with Dragons.
page 129

      The tale takes place in Egypt. The scientist is Moses. Facing the might and arrogance of the Pharaoh of Egypt, Moses asks his student to throw his staff onto the ground before Pharaoh. The staff promptly becomes transformed into a serpent. In response, Pharaoh commanded all his philosophers, magicians, wizards, and elite to do the same, and indeed, their staffs likewise became transformed into serpents. But Moses' student's serpent ate up their serpents. Every one of them. Thus the contest ended. Moses then asked his student to pick up his serpent by the tail, which thereby became a staff again.
      "In this manner the contest will end for mankind, between science and philosophy, or religion, or magic, or wizardry, or elitism of any sort," I said to the artist. "But this time is not yet. We still live in a world in which the two dragons face each other in that contest that philosophy, religion, and elitism cannot win."
      "And the circle?" the artist asked. "What is its significance."
      "The circle protects the degree, CSD," I replied.
      I explained that a circle has no beginning and no end. As such it reflects the nature of universal principles that science explores and makes accessible to us, which likewise have neither beginning nor end. They simply existed before time was and will always remain the same. Nor can a circle ever be mathematically described with absolute accuracy, just like reality can never be fully described in science, or else the infinite would become finite and development would end, and all would become philosophy.
      "Now my friend," I said to the artist, "can you create a poster that represents all of these aspects?"
      The man nodded. "Come to my shop tomorrow and it will be ready for you. Nor will I charge you for it. I will create the poster and retain the copyright, and then produce ten more."
      "Why just ten more?" I asked. "Why not produce ten million more, and publish the story that stands behind it, and uplift the people of China with it, and the whole world? Why shouldn't the truth about human development also pave the way to commercial success, as it begins to uplift people's life?"
      "Give me the copyright to the story, and that may happen," the man replied and began to smile.
      As I reached my hand across the table for a handshake, I said to him, "My friend, you have it, as Jacky is your witness."
      Jacky nodded and grinned.

      Afterwards, as we were about to leave, I took the artist aside, who introduced himself as Lee, and told him about the development in our own family that led up to the CSD symbol. I told him our coffee, sex, and biscuit story, out of which the CSB symbol developed, which became from its very inception synonymous with total honesty with oneself and with one another, including a scientific honesty to the imperatives of universal principles. I told him how the meaning of the symbolism became uplifted later on, in the flow of our continuously ongoing scientific development, until all the philosophical elements related to sex, marriage, and so forth, will be completely supplanted with the scientific recognition of universal principles, and an understanding of these principles, and our full acknowledgement of them. I explained to him that once that point is reached, the CSB symbol becomes superseded, just as philosophical concepts become superseded with scientific recognition. "Thus, the CSD symbol takes its place and becomes symbolic as a new mile stone for a new and brighter world; its new dimension."
      Lee indicated that he understood now why this poster, with its story attached, could be valuable to the whole of humanity as a way-marker on the horizon of its own scientific development.

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