Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 20 - A Poster with Dragons.
page 128

      Of course, the king realized that this was only a part of the solution. He realized, he needed to find a way to make it possible for the citizens to determine when a teacher is a bonafide scientist, and not a philosopher.
      So he puzzled some more about the problem, and he reached a conclusion. He added a note to each of the application forms for academy membership, saying that the citizens must have the application countersigned either by a teacher who has received a degree, or by a teacher who has taken a degree.
      The king was sure that this would work. A philosopher would never recognize the legitimacy of a person simply taking a degree by his own volition, based on his deeply honest self-acknowledgement of having become a confide scientist; of having become a person who recognizes, understands, and acknowledges the nature of universal principles. The king realized that only a scientist who actually reaches this stage of development will feel impelled to take the degree that is associated with that achievement and attach it to his or her name as a title, according to the king's directive. And that is precisely what the king did.
      "This degree that is taken in this manner, will have to be the degree, CSD," I explained to the artist across the table from me. "It is the kind of degree that only a scientist can take. In fact, it is the only degree that is not available to be given, since the king has stopped giving out that degree, and the academy could give out only a lesser degree. So, from that point on, the CSD degree could only be taken, never be given, by which it really began to mean something."
      After having done this, the king said to himself: Every citizen will know from here on, which teacher is a scientist, and which is a philosopher. Nor was he surprised that no one took on the title, CSD, since such a step unfolds from a development that is not easily won, that no one in his kingdom was ready for. Still, the king also knew, that in due course, people would reach that stage and take the degree CSD. Also, in order to make this more readily possible he embedded in his writings an outline for a very complex structure for scientific and spiritual development that would enable the people to fulfill his hopes, even if he never saw the day of this happening in his own lifetime.

      I explained to the artist across the table from me that the key element in this process of self-authorization is always ones honesty with oneself, especially one's scientific honesty about the imperatives of universal principles. I suggested to the artist that the CSB stage is a precarious stage, the kind of stage at which a person will likely see something of the scientific dimension, but where that person is vulnerable of regressing into becoming a philosopher. On the other hand, it is also a stage where a person becomes fascinated with the infinite potential of science and therefore engages in his or her scientific and spiritual self-development.
      I explained to the artist that the CSD symbol on the poster has four meanings: It is a title that no one can bestow or withhold, except one's own honesty with oneself. To a citizen who walks with open eyes, the title inspires trust in the teacher. To the academy itself, it is a title that the academy is no longer responsible for. The academy is responsible only for what it bestows, or can bestow, or withhold. In real terms, the CSD title is a symbol that assures humanity's infinite self-development. No scientific development can occur, nor will occur, outside of the parameters that the CSD symbol represents. "It is therefore the only degree in the world that represents infinite development, for who would teach the teacher at the leading edge?" I said to the atist.
      "And what about the dragons?" the artist asked. "What characteristics shall I give them? What do they represent?"
      "They represent the warfare between science and philosophy," I answered.
      I explained to the artist that a philosopher will never acknowledge the CSD degree that a scientist takes on himself, based on his honesty with himself. A philosopher always seeks external authorization and is conditioned by the system of philosophy to acknowledge none other, especially not the authority of science. Thus the philosopher will wage war against the scientist, as he must, in order to be true to himself as a philosopher. Except, the philosopher will not win this war. I told the artist that this outcome was understood in ancient times. I told him that there exist a very old tale of a contest between science and philosophy.

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