Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 19 - God and the Devil.
page 125

      "So, Mr. Devil, is there a God? I would say there is. I would say that God doesn't sit on clouds, but is alive in our humanity which has endured and continues to unfold its wonders regardless of all the tricks and threats and barriers and impositions your armies of agents have been able to throw up against them. A human being will always be a human being, no matter what, and the freedom to be that, to the fullest possible extent, is always at hand."
      The captain laughed at the miner, after he said this. "I really wasn't fair with you my friend."
      "You've played with a loaded deck," the miner replied. "You knew that you would win before you even started. That's cheating!"
      "No, I wasn't cheating," the captain defended himself. "I told you at the beginning that I you would give you an opportunity to prove me right, and you have. And so, my friend, since you have played your role so admirably, I really do owe you a lunch, the whole spread, drinks included. You should have known that God always has the last word."

      I stood up from my chair after my story telling. "That's where the story ends," I said to the assembly. "We have come together here to explore the most leading edge global issues of our time. Universal love and universal sovereignty are the leading edge issues of today, don't you agree? They are that and will be that for a long time to come, but not for the building of sky castles. They are the key issues for our development of love at the grassroots level, which has never been done before, for the building of a new world."

      There erupted a great applause when I walked off the stage. The applause was enthusiastic. Still, I couldn't help wondering as I left the auditorium to take my chair back, if they would still cheer the next morning after they begin to realize what challenges I had imposed. I had opened for them Pandora's box, not of evils and plaques, but of an immense challenge. The challenge of universal love and universal sovereignty had never been fully faced in all of human history, at the grassroots level.
      As it was, I had finished my assignment that Fred had given me, I had opened Pandora's box and left it open for Tony to dig into.

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