Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 19 - God and the Devil.
page 124

      Mr. Devil just smiled. "We destroyed America anyway, didn't we? We did it through the back door."
      "No you didn't, you scoundrel, your Civil War failed," Mr. God reminded the devil.
      "Who is talking about the Civil War? I am talking about Adam Smith," Mr. Devil said triumphantly. "I told my agents: Don't bother with the Civil War, it's not needed, because the American Revolution never really happened. Sure, they have put love into their Constitution, in the Preamble even. But that was only written on paper, never in their hearts. There was no universal love, only self-focused love. Sure, I admit, the general welfare principle became the law of the land, but did universal love rule the social scene? No, it didn't. I ruled the social scene. I did! My law still rule the colonies in North America. Love had not been allowed to unfold there, beyond the smallest possible sphere, just as I had degreed thousands of years earlier. That is why my honored agent Adam Smith became so tremendously successful. Your people were conditioned by me to love Adam Smith. They were encouraged to love Adam Smith as the god of their freedom, their savior. The whole world was so encouraged, but America took the bait and swallowed it whole, and gulped it down eagerly. Adam gave them money, power, wealth, prestige. Why do you think my agents struggled so hard and so long to keep the love in your people's humanity all bottled up? Once they swallowed the bait, my agents emptied their hearts with greed. We emptied their humanity, of everything you gave them, and we gave them greed and more greed, and told them that greed is the core element of mankind's nature. And they believed it, because they had nothing else left to believe in. We told them that greed makes the world go round. Greed oils the economy. Greed puts the butter on the table. Adam Smith became their highest God, Mr. God. By him you lost the game. You are defeated. You lost to Adam Smith."
      Mr. Devil laughed at this and stood up. "There was a time when you kicked old Adam out of the garden of Eden. That was your mistake. Now old Adam kicked you out of your own universe, Mr. God. Do I need to say more? And my agents were responsible for devising this wonderfully simple game. I gave them all a medal for it. Are you willing to admit defeat now, Mr. God? You are dead, haven't you heard? Ask anyone, and they'll tell you to your face, you're gone, replaced, finished! And the love that you have built into your people, has been replaced, we greed, power, violence, terror. It's all been replaced with my greed; my precious greed. They are stealing from one another with glee, and they honor those who do it the best. Their economy is dying. They want more and more profit, and they want it in the name of my new love. They want it not for themselves; how noble. They want it to build castles for their families, for their wives and their children. So they steal and steal, in the name of Adam Smith, my love, and they think they do it in your name, and they force their agents to rob and plunder everywhere in the world, everything they can get, and they'll do this till the nations themselves are dying. They'll kill people with my greed, in your name. I have won Mr. God, I have emptied the humanity out of your people and given them a new identity as fascist hordes that are feared around the world. They inspire fear in whosoever looks upon them. No one feels save anymore. They even fear each other for their guns, for their litigation, for their terror, even for what was once called love."
      The miner started to head to the counter.
      "No, you have not won," said Mr. God, the captain, and called him back. "You may have destroyed America and tens of millions of people in it, and hundreds of millions of people around the world, but you have not changed my basic design of humanity. Sure, billions of people may indeed have prostituted themselves to one another in the name of your precious Adam Smith, and have placed their humanity at his feet. But what about it? That's not a victory. That's not a defeat of love. The principle still exists. Sure, hundreds of millions of people cut their throat in this new religious orgy of wealth adoration, like as if they were in a trance. If they don't like their humanity, the gem that I have built into their heart, by all means, let them throw it away and die. It is not my design to force love unto them. I gave them an option, the capacity to love. I gave them the jewel that can become their sun if they wish it to be that. Each person is sovereign. And more and more people do indeed embrace their sovereignty. They stomp on the laws of your agents who demand that love must be kept limited to the smallest scale possible. Just ask the researchers, if you dare, how many people have boldly taken their love outside the boundaries that you have imposed, for which you once had killed people. I've been told that half of humanity falls into this category, while the other half entertains dreams about doing the same. They love what they find in their humanity and respond to it in the best way they are able, as rare and as crude and as base as that response may be, but you will find that it is always there. I didn't design them to become monks and saints, but to love and to build, and to create for one another a brilliant world. In some parts of the world, some of that is already happening, and on the grandest scale ever. And the more that this is happening, the more they love, and the freer they love. And the more precious their love becomes, the greater becomes their joy and their peace."

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