Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 19 - God and the Devil.
page 121

      At this point Mr. Devil, the miner, stood up and boasted that this little project worked so well that he ordered all his agents to make sure that this devilish, 'spiritual' quality would never be lost sight of and never be shut out of peoples' mind. He even boasted that his agents never failed him in this.
      At this point Mr. Devil laughed sarcastically. "We never thought that this project would work so well," he said to Mr. God. "If we had realized how efficiently it worked, we would have never bothered with launching our backup project. For the backup project I sent my agents out to devise a really daring plan. I told them I wanted a plan that prevents people by law, from looking at each other. The plan they came up with was absolutely brilliant. They simply narrowed down the allowable field of love to just one person. Only one single person was allowed to be loved for a lifetime, and they arranged this to become the law. Anybody who rebelled... Of course you know what happened to them." He drew a hand across his throat. "My agents did this so cleverly," said Mr. Devil, "that they had the very same people whom you designed to love one another, throw stones at those persons who broke MY law by daring to live up to YOUR design. I got them to throw stones at these people until they were dead. Did you know how many people got killed that way? But the irony is, that they killed each other for exercising what you have put into their hearts as a beautiful element of their humanity."
      The miner stood up to leave.
      "Where are you going," asked the captain.
      "To the lunch counter, of course. You promised!" the miner replied.
      The captain just smiled. "You haven't won yet. You know as well as I do that the game that you played, Mr. Devil, didn't last long, did it? A thousand years, two thousand, what does it matter? One of my guys stopped the whole thing. Your agents thought that they had dragged my guy into your dirty schemes. They thought they had the perfect frame-up. They brought a woman whom they had caught in the act of following my design. Your dirty law demanded the death penalty, and they asked my guy to judge her and condemn her to death. How did you ever think you would get away with that? The people whom your agents had egged on were sitting at the edge of their chair hoping desperately that my guy would violate your rotten law by defending the woman. They wouldn't have loved nothing better. But he didn't defend the woman, did he? Nor did he condemn her to death. He asked all the accusers if they had in their own hearts some traces left of my design. He told them if they ever loved a person, or hoped, or longed, to do so, and thereby violated that devilish law before which that woman stood accused, then they should leave the scene of death and walk away, lest they be condemning themselves. He didn't say this in so many words of course. He caused their conscience to say this to them. He also trusted that their conscience would make sure that they understood completely that the stones they would throw, if the did, they would throw into the face of their own humanity. And as you know, they did leave.  They simply left, and left the woman standing alone with my guy. By your own dirty games, your death penalty law was invalidated in single stroke, wasn't that so, Mr. Devil?"
      The minor sat down again. "You got me there," he said. "Heck, I thought I had my lunch all paid for. But you haven't won either, Mr. God. My agents had the law quickly modified, and enforced with the power of the state. Sure, I recall your guy made big waves. He created a religion, a religion of love. And I must hand it to you, that was a tough nut to crack. If my agents killed ten of his fellows, a hundred more would come around the corner, and after they killed those, a thousand would show up, but we didn't have to kill those, too, and this didn't look all that good, did it? One of my agents had a plan dawning in his noodle,  around this time, It was a simple plan, easy to carry out. He talked to the emperor, who hijacked your guy's religion. He took your guy's religion and made an empire out of it. He took your guy's Father, Son, and Holy Ghost thing, and said to the people, 'the son is no more. The church now takes the place of the son, and the church is owned by the Emperor, so, what the Emperor says is the word of God. You get the Holy Ghost from him. Don't you dare talk about love. Your love is to the Emperor, case closed."

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