Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 18 - Reindeer Research.
page 116

Story 18 - Reindeer Research.

      An unexpected kind of sharing developed from our honest and open dialog with the major of the reindeer station. It had cleared the air between us. Perhaps the potential tragedy that we all faced created a common bond. Or perhaps, it was our concern for humanity that were backed up by deeds of great daring and caring on her part and ours that brought us closer together. We had forged a kind of a bond that unfolded on a spiritual level.
      The major suddenly was more intimately concerned with our struggles and feelings, and less concerned with the official protocol. She even came to lunch in civilian clothing the next day. That was for the first time ever, so I was told. She wore an attractive dress in which she looked so much softer and gentler than she had before in her uniform. The hard authority image that her uniform had projected, that she had hidden behind for so long, had been put aside.

      "What we said to her must have changed her life," I said to Antonovna after we had eaten lunch and the major was called away.
      "No, not yet," answered Anton, "but soon."
      "What do you mean, Anton?" I asked, surprised.
      "She is interested in you. Give her a chance to be with you."
      "What are you saying, Anton?" I asked, perplexed. "Are you telling me that I should have an affair with another woman right in the middle of our honeymoon?"
      "Why not, Peter? Isn't it all a part of being human? We can give ourselves the freedom to do anything that is supported by an underlying principle, such as the principle of universal love. The love that we have in our heart, that unfolds from the love of ourselves as human beings, is the love that embraces one another and all. If it is universal, then we cannot personalize it and accept some, and reject some. The love that flows between us is a part of that.  We cannot afford to deny its nature, that is its universality. Should we adulterate this flow and restrict it to some personal confinement? If we do this, we invalidate the very foundation that our own expression of our marriage is build upon."
      I agreed.
      "But there is more," she added. "It is only by the riches of the universal flow of love that unfolds in your heart, that you find me beautiful. By the same riches you find others beautiful, too. In order to shut others out from this flow, you would have to shut the whole thing down, and who would be benefited from that? So, let's keep the flow alive and as rich and as open as possible. If your love defines me as being beautiful, and other's likewise, then you find reflected in them the same sublime elements that you cherish about me. In this way, I will forever be alive in your heart, and beautiful, and real. In this sense we can never ever part. We will remain alive within this domain, even if continents and oceans lie between us as they soon will."
      I hugged Anton for this beautiful thought, and the light that it brought to the moment.
      "If we allow love be what it really is, universal, without end, I will always be with you, and you with me, in the very image of that love," said Anton. "Therefore, there will never be a vow between us, like 'till death do us part.' This notion no longer applies to us. It is no longer possible. We can never be apart for as long as we are enveloped in love. I suspect that this principle will never change, no matter what realms we may enter into. With all of this considered, why shouldn't you fall in love with the major and allow yourself to embrace each other as time permits? To judge by the way she has been looking at you all morning, I would be much surprised if this didn't result into something beautiful for both of you."
      "What, have I been that blind?" I asked in reply, and grinned.

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