Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 17 - Aquarius in Ice.
page 115

      The person in charge showed us one of the launch ports. We climbed out onto a ledge with him, that was carved into the rock just outside of the portal. "There!" he said, as he pointed to a nearby mountain, "in this direction lies the North Pole. Canada lies behind that," he said, "and south of it lies the U.S.A.. Our birds fly extremely low, which enables them to penetrate most defenses. They are designed as first strike weapons that can reach their target undetected and with GPS accuracy. They are designed to fly at night and in the worst kind of weather. The strategic plan, which they were created for, was to eradicate the opposition in a surprise attack with such a force that they would not be able to retaliate, apart from being shocked into a state of awe and perceived impotence that they will not fight back, but assume that all is lost."
      I simply shook my head when I heard this.
      "This is all irrelevant now," said Leslie to us. "That is why the place isn't staffed anymore."
      On the trip back to the base, Leslie explained that there are 30 such sites spread throughout a wide area, each with completely self-contained underground living quarters. The only thing they need from the outside, is air for the people to breathe. The rest is stored on site. "Of course, we only maintain a staff of caretakers now. The activation systems have been shut down for security reasons. The whole thing has been put into mothballs."
      "That's all irrelevant," Anton repeated.
      Leslie nodded, "that is why I showed it to you. I wanted you to understand that humanity has stood at the midnight hour many times before, and we've come through it. We mustn't loose hope now."
      Anton nodded. "Still, let us also hope that these mothballed monsters will never be made active again, should we be lucky enough to survive the present crisis." She spoke with a sense of agony in her voice.

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