Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 15 - In the Flow of Life.
page 101

      By then, Sylvia stood afar off, waving to me as Tara had waved to me in Ruggels' lounge. Only the meaning was different. At Ruggels' the people around us had been like props. We alone seemed real. Now our waving to each other was as if it included the totality of all being in a giant embrace. Here, Sylvia, too, was free: free to stand on her own, free to be at my side, free to stand afar satisfied.
      We both waved to her and threw kisses. I called out to her that I loved her. We kept on waving as she receded from view, and still, she was as if she were with us. "The rivers have taken your nakedness from you and given us great riches in which we can see what we have never seen before," I heard her call out in the distance. Her voice was carried thinly by the wind.
      "In this liberation is bound up the hope of the world," said Anton, "the survival of Africa, the end of violence, a call to enrich the earth with a new rising of man, even the liberation of Russia, China, and America from themselves, for themselves, and by themselves."
      While she spoke, I became aware of another person at my side. I noticed Heather standing beside me; beautiful and proud in her birthday suite. We embraced each other. Then I noticed Sylvia again. She was with us in our embrace, but she was different, somehow. She was like someone who is richly adorned with the gift of love that we had all brought to each other. "There will be war no longer," Anton said with a smile.
      Here, I heard the voice from within again, speaking to me in the rhythm of a poem that went something like this:

Oh, joy and peace,
the unknown, the yet to be known,
the fleeting recovered from distant vale
fire of the sublime.

Oh, love divine,
the gold unseen by greed, by toil, the dead,
the eternal overflowing fount,
ruler of the greatest riches.

Oh, life, a communication without words,
reclaimed, cut loose
from iron anchors wedged deep in heavy darkness
daring to be, a sun beneath the rain.

Oh, light, the great science, our power,
beyond the dark homes of the living dead,
the morning dew from heaven's bounty,
it feeds the flower and a world that lives on wings.

Oh, the sublime...
      "But what is the sublime?" I heard myself asking. "Is it related to the conference?"
      As I couldn't answer, I woke from my dream, though acknowledging with joy that the sublime was already unfolding in the sublimity of our discoveries of the wonders of love.

      At breakfast I told everyone about my beautiful and mysterious dream.  I told them that I awoke, because I remembered the conference.
      "We must all make this journey," said Anton, smiling at me, "it sounds too wonderful to miss, don't you agree?"
      I nodded and answered with a kiss. It drew the loveliest smile. Had the rivers been real that I had dreamed about? They reflected what I realized had always existed between us, but had been blocked by me. Or was it all but a reflection of Ross' research, his elaborate theories, and his discoveries of the dynamics of man's infinite Soul?
      "You are making this journey," I replied to Anton, "only yours will be different. No one can tell you what you may find in your life."
      She nodded ever so slightly.
      "These rivers are very real," said Ross to Anton. "I have discovered the concept that is involved, together with Pete. This is not an easy concept to come to terms with, but a profound one when one finally recognizes what it involves. It appears to me, Anton, that we all need to travel these rivers again and again. It seems we need to be involved at every level of human existence, and deal with what we find there, and bring light to it and uplift what can and needs to be uplifted. We must face the depravities, explore the paradoxes, and raise our axioms that have created the paradoxes and opened the doors to depravity.
      "We also need to be involved in the moral domain. We need to embrace the good that we find there, that we find in our humanity, and embrace that good to fullest extend possible, and so drag it up with us as we seek higher ground where we can cherish it more and honor one another more in the flow of it. Then we live the principle of sovereignty, so that it becomes impossible for us to slide backwards into depravity. The rivers are upwards flowing by design.
      "In addition, we also need to embrace the scientific element that we find in our journey, in each every river. We need to utilize these 'gates' to reality, these gates that science provides in so many ways. By developing our scientific understanding of the universal principles of the universe, we give ourselves far greater freedoms than we ever had before.
      "We also need to dwell in the land beyond the gate that scientific understanding gives us access to. That's the land of the great universal good that all the great thinkers throughout history have associated with human freedom, boundless capabilities, with love, life, truth, even God. Isn't it interesting, Anton, that God and Good are both linked to the same word in English, with just a small difference is spelling. Maybe it is that small difference that we need to erase.
      "Maybe this is what the rivers are all about. I think we need to travel these rivers again and again, because there are so many beautiful things to be found at every level, if we open ourselves up to them, even sexual things."

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