Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 14 - Mission Africa.
page 93

      "In this context, Ross and I have embarked on a mission of our own. This mission has been funded from Brazil by a person none of us knew, and may never know Steve probably has something to do with that, through Nicolai's network. Peter, you will love our project. We will call it, The War to End All Wars. Our project is to gather every story we can find around the world that is in any way related to Helen's platform of reality, and our highest scientific development of it. Then we will commission the best writers and story tellers we can find to present those stories, both in written form and on audio tape. We have already stories coming to us from Russia, China, Austria, Germany, Mexico, India, even Peru. I think, though, we may begin with our own weapons mythology story, and how the ending must change, according to your suggestion, and how it has changed all of us allready.
      "Our 'little' project, Peter, that we invite you to participate in, will be an open ended project by design, until there is no more war in the world. Then the project will close. This war of ours, to end all wars, may be the first war that has ever been started on this planet that is designed not to create victors and vanquished people or nations, but to create a man standing tall on the top of a mountain, with the world not a burnt out wreck laying far below at his feet, but with a world standing rich and vibrantly at his side on the mountaintop. We will not stop until this is done.
      "With all my love; Sylvia."

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