Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 14 - Mission Africa.
page 92

      Tony became quiet, and simply nodded.
      "My point is, Tony," I said to him, "there exists no limit to what can be accomplished once people decide to become human beings again, and begin to act like human beings in total honesty with themselves."
      Tony didn't answer a word. The discussion ended. Nothing much more was said on the subject until the coastline of Morocco came into view.
      "This means we have come full circle," Tony commented. "Archeology tells us that the development of mankind began in Africa. Now the second phase of this process, so it seems, has to begin again in Africa."

      We reached the coastline of Morocco shortly after lunch.
      "That's it," said Tony and pointed to the ground. He smiled at me, locked in the autopilot and got out of his seat. "I've got something for you in the back of the plane," he said. Moments later he returned with a letter. "Sylvia asked me to give this to you when we arrive in Africa." He said this with a grin and handed me the letter. Then he shook his head and began to laugh as he sat down again.

      The letter was handwritten. It was contained in a blue envelope together with a picture of Sylvia.
      "Dear Peter, congratulations!" the letter began.
      "Congratulations for what?" I heard myself say. We hadn't done anything yet. We had gone to Africa to bring back pictures and stories and reports of all types to inspire the passion of the world for the human dimension that must be uplifted from the mire of wars, poverty, corruption, and diseases.
      "I congratulate you for having broken free," she wrote in the letter. "You have broken free, because the new bonds that bind us together have elevated us into a new sphere where we will always be together no matter what the circumstances may bring. We are no longer tied to the earth and its ways, but have become children of the heavens. We have both broken free, free to face the tasks that we have chosen, tasks to enrich our human world, to protect it, to bring light into it. That is what you have talked about all along, pointing to Africa as the key. Please accept the great mission that you are on, as a gift from me, Tony, Dag, Al, Ross, and Heather. It wasn't easy to convince Fred to commit the resources, and to convince his boss to approve the mission in these troublesome times. Everyone of us had a hand in that. And now you are free to fulfill your dream to protect our world.
      "Everyone else, also wishes you well and God-speed, Peter, including Nicolai and his great love, Antonovna, who I understand is your great love at the same time. Likewise, five people from India added their names to the list of the people who support you with their light, and in addition to them a woman from Vienna, named Olive. Only Helen could not be contacted. But she may sense your need of support for this critical mission in her own way. May our wishes and hopes, and whatever light we can send you, bear you up as you face this great task.
      "Nevertheless, in spite of all this, it seems once again that we have barely begun. You once told me that it is impossible for a human being to dream too tall a dream, because there are no limits to what a human being can accomplish. Let this dream be our dream and bind us together, and bind us all together with the whole of humanity. We need this dream for the world to continue after your mission is completed, for life goes on and the challenges grow. And maybe, our facing this unending demand bravely and with great expectations, sets us apart from just being children. As children we had our gazed fixed onto the mountain top, with wondering eyes. Today we look out from the mountain top to the stars and reach for them. Of course, what happens tomorrow we can't even envision yet, but I knew when it comes we will face it with confidence, all of us together, and I am looking forward to it with joy.

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