Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 14 - Mission Africa.
page 90

      Tony just shook his head. "You better explain," he added.
      "Humanity needs Africa as a challenge, to drive itself to meet this greater challenge that it would otherwise not tackle in a million years, but which it won't survive if this challenge isn't met."
      "You are speaking in riddles," Tony interjected.
      "Africa is in an existential crisis, Tony, you agree with that, but humanity as a whole is in a deeper and even more severe existential crisis. Africa requires the world's assistance for its physical survival. That requires an enormous effort by every nation. In order to be able to make this effort, humanity will have to rebuild itself, and in order to achieve that, it has to scrap its marriage to Adam Smith. Adam Smith's greed based system of economics and free trade is a Byzantine style system of total vertical control designed for the destruction of humanity. Adam Smith was commissioned in 1763 to develop two of the most destructive elements in modern history. One of these was the glorification of free trade into a well concealed imperial weapon for the economic destruction of a targeted nation. The second commission was to explore the economic processes underlying the self-destruction of Rome, which could then be re-applied as an invasive system to be used as an imperial weapon against nations that can't otherwise be defeated. The commission for both of these projects was given by Lord Shelburne to Adam Smith. Shelburne was Adam Smith's boss. The commission was given to Smith during a carriage ride from Edinburgh to London. Evidently, Adam Smith was totally successful in what he was requested to do. His weapon of greed based economics has become the most destructive invasion of the humanity of mankind that has ever been achieved in universal history. In fact, the invasion has been so deep reaching that most of humanity is absolutely married to this system. That's top down vertical ideological domination in the absolute sense, to the point that no one is able to escape from it. Hardly anyone even recognizes that an entrapment exists. By this entrapment into an intentionally designed destructive system, humanity has become doomed. The destruction of Africa is merely one single phase of it. The inner destruction of humanity is global. Like a bad virus, the inner destruction of a human being, that this system exists to achieve, has infected most of mankind. If Africa is to be rescued, mankind must first rescue itself from this Byzantine type system of Adam Smith, which it cannot survive, and rebuild its humanity. So, it all comes down to a movement of compassion. If our compassion for Africa can be elevated to become a real, driving passion for human existence, then, and only then, and only maybe, humanity will elevate itself sufficiently to recognize its entrapment and pull itself out of it."
      "Pull itself out into what?" Tony interrupted.
      "Not into anything, Tony. That's the wrong question. Humanity needs to reclaim what it lost, its humanity, and rediscover its natural marriage to itself as human beings. We don't have to get into anything for that. We just have to acknowledge the reality of our being, our humanity. That's Helen's universal kiss, isn't that, that defines our peace; and the universal economic development that she talks about, the defines our joy; and the universal scientific development that defines our power, and the universal marriage of mankind to itself, as human beings, that defines us in truth. If we find ourselves in this truth, the rescuing of Africa will be achieved, and our civilization, and our existence on this planet, will be secure. If we cannot find ourselves in this truth, than the near universal marriage of mankind to Adam Smith will not be broken, and the destructive process will play itself out as it was designed to do, and pull humanity into a New Dark Age in which four fifth, or more, of the present population of the world will be unable to find the resources to survive."
      "Are you saying that if we respond to Africa as human beings, and mobilize ourselves to assure the survival of Africa, we will thereby rescue ourselves from this fate?" said Tony astonished.

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