Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 14 - Mission Africa.
page 81

Story 14 - Mission Africa.

      Later, after the tea was poured, Nicolai asked about my own mission, the one I had mentioned.
      "Pete is going to Africa," said Sylvia. "Fred wants him to explore to what extend Africa poses a security risk for the United States. The mission really was Pete's idea."
      Nicolai laughed, "You can't be serious."
      "That's nothing to laugh about," I countered Nicolai. "Africa is the number one security risk to every nation on the planet. Do you want to see my mission report?"
      "You haven't gone yet," said Nicolai. "How can you write a mission report?"
      "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going in Africa." I showed him my report.
      Nicolai took his glasses out.
      "Read the preface," I asked him. "What we have done to Africa has become a greater threat to human life around the world than the threat of a nuclear war."
      I told him, that what has been done to Africa has changed the world. "We have created 30,000 nuclear weapons throughout the world," I said to him. "That's a huge threat.  But we know where they are located and we can disable all of them in a single day if we choose to do so, by which the threat of an impending nuclear holocaust becomes eliminated. Africa, on the other hand has been turned into a vast breeding caldron for diseases that threatens to unleash a biological holocaust with consequences that are potentially more deadly than a nuclear war. The difference between these two super-weapons is, that the caldron can't be shut down over night, not by anyone, nor by any means, while its poison is already killing people by the tens of millions. It is an atomic bomb that is constantly exploding, and is getting bigger by the day."
      I explained to Nicolai that AIDS should not be looked upon as an exception of what comes out of this caldron, but merely as an example. "We are lucky that AIDS is not a highly infectious disease, like the 1918 flu had been, that had spread across the entire northern hemisphere in a month, killing tens of millions of people. Just look how impotent we still are in halting the spread of AIDS after more than twenty years since its outbreak began, and AIDS is not even a highly infectious disease at that. We've been struggling for two decades, while it is impact is getting bigger and bigger, and still we have not found a cure. And that's just the beginning. The caldron continues on boiling, and the whole world is stoking the flames. The West is killing Africa, draining its resources, killing its people, starving its nations, looting the continent with clever debt dependency schemes."
      "Sure, I have always recognized that AIDS is an economic disease," said Nicolai, "that erupted out of the back-waters of extreme poverty where the human system is most vulnerable to opportunistic infections, especially to cross species infections."
      "That's just the point," said Ross to Nicolai. "The 1918 epidemic erupted out the caldron of poverty, created by war. It originated from a cross species infection. The biological caldron has many faces."
      "But Africa is worse," I said to Nicolai. "Africa holds not only the largest pool of a living and mutating, deadly virus, it also has become the world's foremost underground playground for pharmaceutical and biological experimentation on human beings. AIDS may have come out of this background. Who knows? It probably didn't. It really doesn't matter which of the many biological exposures have created it. Nor is this all.  Africa is also a target for social experimentation in the service of various depopulation goals, as well as a target for several privately operated genocide projects that are carried out to clear the land for mining and other forms of exploitation. All these things add up to a horrendously boiling biological caldron that can't be turned off over night. It poses a danger greater than nuclear war. Russia should be tremendously concerned," I added, "and so should China be, and Europe, and all of Asia."

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