Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 13 - The Flat Earth Society
page 80

      "Except our lives are already deeply affected by this trivial stuff that causes the financial and economic systems to disintegrate," I replied.
      "This gives you an indication of what is happening on the larger scale," said the man. "The trivial stuff is easy to deal with. One can always find solutions for it in times of a great crisis, but when society is suddenly faced with the fact that the foundation for its food supply has been destroyed, no easy solutions can be found over night. What will people eat when the harvests are used up and no food can be grown because their harvests don't produce any fertile seeds for growing the next crops? Without food, people will starve and die. You can't change the physical reality. It takes many years to recreate a fertile grain culture in which the harvests will supply the next years' seeds. This type of process goes far beyond the trivial things that are associated with a collapsing world-financial system, such as we are experiencing now, as you know."
      I pointed out of the window as we were landing, and said to Ushi, "as you can see, the trivial things are not as trivial at all. Because of those trivial things, our flight had been diverted to Frankfurt. Our deeply mixed up world had already become so dysfunctional in London that we couldn't land there anymore."
      I suggested to Ushi that Steve may be interested in hearing about all of this.
      "Why don't you tell him yourself?" Ushi replied. "Come to Leipzig for a few days. Steve should be there, he came back from Italy a couple of days ago."

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