Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 13 - The Flat Earth Society
page 79

      "Know what?" Ushi asked.
      "You aren't aware that a most powerful depopulation weapon is being deployed right now, are you? And the worst thing about it is, that humanity loves it," he added.
      I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about. I told him that I was under the impression that we had prevented such a thing with the cancellation of the SDI. He wasn't surprised at my ignorance. He explained that he wasn't talking about nuclear war, but about the big bio-engineering labs, all of which are owned by the major food cartels, which are now producing super-high-yield food grains which render any farmer uncompetitive who doesn't utilize these grains.
      "Isn't this being hailed as a breakthrough for world food-security," I interrupted the man.
      He just laughed. "My dear friend," he said, "you are as blind as the rest of the world." He said that my comment would be correct if it were not for one little detail that overshadows everything. He paused and looked me into the eyes. "Those super grains produce sterile seeds," he said. "Did you know that?" He asked me to consider the consequences of this revelation. He said there was a big push on by the cartels to introduce these super gains into every grain growing country in the world, ostensibly for humanitarian reasons, because of their higher yield. "But what will happen as the result of this?" he asked.
      Ushi answered that the seed cartels would make huge profits.
      He shook his head. He said that this wasn't the answer he was looking for. He asked us what the result would be of the entire process. He asked me to tell him how long it would take for all of the natural seeds to be used up.
      I couldn't answer him.
      "How long will it be until all the natural grains are eaten," he asked Ushi, "the ones which produce inferior yields, but which until now have been the basis for the self-sustaining grain harvests around the world?"
      He looked at her with a questioning look, like a teacher preparing a student for an exam. "How long will it be until the world becomes totally dependent on the cartel's seed company? That's what will happen inevitably when the farmer's harvests don't produce fertile seeds. When the farmers can't grow their own seeds, then the whole world becomes dependent on the cartels. How long will it be then, until the cartels are in a position to choke off the world food supply at will, or large portions of it, and starve large segments of humanity to death at their whim?"
      There was no answer forthcoming from Ushi, nor from me. We knew exactly what he meant. We knew all too well that the food cartels are all 'owned' by the same fondi that had been demanding depopulation for over half a century as a means for assuring the survival of the fondi's feudal system that feeds on poverty.
      The man understood that we understood. "This does make stealing from one another a trivial affair, doesn't it?" he said with a stern expression. "Perhaps the scourge of stealing is welcomed by the rulers of the world as a smoke screen behind which to hide the real game," he added. "And how do you suppose all this became possible?" he said.
      "That's obvious," I answered him. "For what other reason would society have been de-educated and drawn into mindless games, trivial pursuits, and been brainwashed with destructive ideals? The goal must have been to isolate them from the real world so that they won't interfere with the teachings of the Flat Earth Society. People are all too easily manipulated with lies, even to the point that they love and protect what is destroying them."
      "This happens in every arena that affects human existence," said the man, "from the monumental all the way down to the trivial stuff that you were concerned with.

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