Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 13 - The Flat Earth Society
page 78

      "He also figured out, as Steve did, that the currency speculators are in the process of destroying the world," I said to Ushi. "The man had called them: 'thieves without honor,' whatever he meant by that. He had figured out that these currency thieves tell the nations that they must open themselves up to the global market, in the name of globalization, or they will be bypassed. Then, as soon as they nations comply and globalize their economy, the speculators rush in, into the unprotected countries, and loot them to the bone. He told me that the Flat Earth Society then parades the stolen profits with big banners in the streets as proof that all their claims of prosperity are true. He told me that they parade the streets with their big Mercedes Benz cars, their Jaguars and their Rolls Royces, and people treat them like royalty."
      I told her that man began to laugh at the irony of it all, that these financial world-robbers were actually bragging before everyone out in the open of how successful they have been in stealing from society, and people did look up to them as though they had done some heroic deed. "What kind of world are we living in, in which thieves proudly display their loot in public and are honored for their crime?" he had asked me.
      I told Ushi that the man suggested, that what goes on under the cloak of globalization is actually far worse than legalized theft. It's like asking a store owner to put a huge sign in the display window of his store, proclaiming to all that the store is now an unprotected zone. The man said that people wouldn't dream off keeping their apartment unlocked when going out to work, but that is what these robbers are demanding that all the nations of the world must do, and the nations comply, and consequently they get robbed. Of course, when chaos erupts, the robbers pull up their noses and say, "why, the stronger traitors have every right to be successful."
      The man told me that this was the exact the language that was used to justify the Thirty Years War. "Might is right! That was the watchword. That's like saying that the stronger thief who comes to rob you with a crowbar and a sledge hammer has every right to clean out your belongings while you are away at work."
       The man told me that these criminals were saying all these things right in the open, now. He told me, that he himself got his flat broken in and robbed to the bone, not too long ago. When he complained, the police had actually told him afterwards that it was his own fault that he got robbed. They said he should have had a solid steel door installed to guard against the thieves, with a triple lock on it. But when it comes to countries wanting to protect themselves against the international thieves in pin-striped suits, with tariffs and currency control measures, then everybody screams "you can't do that! That's against the rules!"
      The chap had sighed, "It's become a crazy mixed up world where stealing has become a way of life, and is protected from the highest levels of governments and is enforced with the power of world wide institutions.
      "Its so easy to get caught up in the flow of it," he said to me and apologized once more for his actions after we had finished eating lunch. He even paid the bill. On the way out he noticed another robber lurking behind us, following us. He simply told the man to go away, that we were robbers ourselves, to which the other fellow replied, "So?" But he did go away.
      I suggested to Ushi that the madness, that the man had become caught up in, can't continue to escalate indefinitely. "Steve always said, something will crack."
      "Don't be surprised," said a frail man next to me who occupied the isle seat. "Don't be surprised when the day comes that you will find all of these things that you are so concerned about, to be insignificant and trivial, because that's what they are in comparison to what is being prepared right now in the background."
      I was shocked, and said something to that effect that he must be mistaken.
      He simply shook his head. "You don't know, do you?" he said quietly.

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