Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 10 - A Weapons Mythology.
page 60

      "I think we should have told the farmer about Perfidious Albion," Heather said to me. "He has a right to know that he became a murderer not in the name of God, but by the clever dictates of Perfidious Albion that created the insanity for which the nations were reaching for each other's throat. Had the people known the game plan, the war would have been fought on a different platform, or might have been avoided altogether."
      Heather told us that she was disappointed by the story, because the most vital elements, which have been at the heart of every military conflict during the last 500 years, have been left out of the story. She wondered how the story would have turned out if these missing elements had been included. She asked Sylvia.
      "A totally different, and possibly useful story would have been written," Sylvia replied. "The story that was sent to us is useless, is it not? It is rubbish. There is nothing in it that gets humanity out of its mythological nightmare. Its focus is irrational, and its subject is insanity."
      Ross nodded in agreement. "I find the story just about as un-American as a story can get," he replied to Sylvia, "It's not in line with the spirit of the American Revolution that once uplifted the whole world. In those days our strength and security as a nation wasn't drawn from putting one another down. It was drawn from building each other up, from utilizing the inner riches of every man and woman. It was drawn from creating an environment in which people can develop their inner resources. And the best thing about that story is, that this is a true story, though it is the only story I know in which a people stood in opposition to Perfidious Albion and made a concerted effort to defeat the royal plan of 'divide and rule.' The American patriots had understood the empire's game plan. They understood that they had to defeat this plan regardless of the cost to them, and they did."
      "This happened in the late 1700s," said Ross, "but it is not happening in today's world. Willy Palmerston had pointed out to us in Italy that the game plan has not changed, only that the game has been intensified. It is sheer insanity to focus on the development of weapons without focusing on the game for which the weapons are built."
      Ross pointed out that in the weapons mythology story nothing is being developed at all. It depicts a chain of thoughtless reactions to something that doesn't exist in reality. The intend for an attack for self-defense was implied, but was never proven. He suggested that the story may well have been written by one of the empire's own agents, as this is so often the case with degenerative literature. "In this specific respect it presents a picture of the trap we are in, today, and it does this quite well if it is designed to demoralize people and keep them from fighting the empire. The story is designed to tell humanity that it is impossible to get out of the trap, except by building bigger weapons which avails nothing in the end, but destruction. The story reflects precisely what Willy the Rock had said to us years ago, that there is nothing that anyone can do to stop their game, especially not impotent little clowns like us."
      Ross turned to me, "did you know that Willy the Rock is still a high level advisor to the fondi?"
      Ross continued telling us, that in order to get out of its mythological trap, humanity has to get back to the deeply underlying principles that support its freedom, a freedom based on respect, honor, affection; a kind of moral freedom. We need a unity that obsoletes weapons. Nothing else can obsolete them."
      "So, rewrite the story," Sylvia challenged Ross.
      He shook his head. "I can't. I'm not a story writer. I only read them."
      "Why don't you give it a try," Heather turned to me. "How would you redesign the story? How would you have it end?"

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