Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 7 - Unity.
page 41

      I must have stared at him in amazement, because he suddenly stopped. "You don't believe me," he said. "I don't blame you. There are extremely few people in the world who talk like I do, and say the things I say. Scientific development is not on the agenda anymore, especially if it is pursued for its own sake because it is a facet of our humanity. Scientific development is not in vogue today. It is not allowed. It is suppressed whenever possible. And the same goes for economic development. Development has become a bad word. We are out to destroy, to steal, to depopulate. That's what NSSM200 is all about. The goal is to destroy the populations of Africa and in other continents, so that they don't use up their resources that America might need in the future. So they destroy the targeted economic potential. That is what every war of this century has been fought for. That is why America has been setup to eradicate Russia, and Russia America, and if that fails, surely, they will set up a different game in which Russia, America, China, and the entire Muslim world will destroy one another. The only game that is not talked about is economic development, much less global universal economic development. I can think of no greater joy than to see such a development happening, but it won't happen. Today's society lives so distant from this goal, it might as well live on the moon."
      "And the concept of the universal kiss for the element of peace?" I asked.
      He just laughed. "Who wants peace? They want your gold. The bimbo owners want your gold. Who gives a shit about your humanity? Sex is a commercial commodity, like soy beans and pork bellies. And on the social level, the universal kiss creates windfall profits for lawyers."
      He paused. "Universal love," he repeated, "that's been scrapped long ago. There is no love left for anybody. Even the so-called scientists are fighting each other, and they lie to the public. You want a cause for destroying humanity, go to the scientists and they'll give it to you for a price. A few concerned people started a global conference to talk about what economic developments are needed for mankind to face the coming ice age. To prevent any talk about large scale economic development the hired scientists came to the rescue and created the global warming mythology, all paid for in full, that furthers the goal of destroying the global economies by taking away 80% of the world's energy fuels. Just wait and see. All of this will happen."

      He repeated the words, universal love, in a tone of mockery. "The world of the lateral lattice is a dream world," he added, "even while it is the reality of our being. I predict that people will sooner shoot each other dead before this concept will be put onto the agenda again. The most powerful people in the world, past and present, have devoted their life to assure that the Treaty of Westphalia, that put the concept of universal love on the map, gets eradicated so thoroughly that people will never know it existed."
      He became quiet after this. "As for myself," he said, "I find your concept of the lateral lattice absolutely accurate and beautifully stated. It is the best definition for universal love that I have ever come across, with elements of peace, joy, and power. I love the concept of peace as the outcome of the universal kiss. It's brilliant! Will we see it translated into reality in our lifetime? No, I can't see how this is possible. I know, the unity of humanity is intact, but who will embrace it, and then go many steps further?"
      "Then you say we will not survive," I said to him. "Without love on the horizon, we have no hope. When the Anglo/American Empire financed Hitler into power it created a mess that took the entire world six years to clean up. When the empire, next, urged the construction of the atomic bomb as a terror weapon for forcing all nations into compliance, it created another mess that the entire world has not been able to clean up in fifty years, and won't be able to clear up without your principle of universal love. Of course, if those bombs go off before this happens, they will create a level of destruction that will take thousands of years to overcome. Now tell me again, you say that there is nothing that can be done? In this case I have to tell you that you are mistaken. We will fight for our humanity, and for all humanity. My friends and a few others, we will fight. Whether we will win or loose, changes nothing. We will fight. We will fight for the love of our humanity, which we will not betray. Will you join us?"

I told him about the nudist beach project that we were working towards.

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