Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 7 - Unity.
page 40

      "So you are prepared to lie to yourself again, about this aspect of our humanity," the man answered. "There exists no principle that supports a nuclear war, or any war. Nothing exists that counters the fundamental principle that God and man are one in being, which unites us all. The fact is, Russia doesn't want a nuclear war, nor does America, nor does anyone else. This is the truth. Tell this to your president. This must be the basis of your mission that you expect nothing to manifest itself that is not founded on this fundamental principle of unity. There is no need to start a nuclear war, nor any other war. When people go on a rampage and say that to kill a Jew or a communist, is like killing a dog, just like this occurred during Hitler's time, they are not speaking the truth, they are speaking politically created lies. These lies, alone, create nuclear war, people don't. These lies have no principle. They are created by a few who have a special objective in mind. That is why it is so important that one always goes back to the fundamental principle that God and man are one in being, that there is but one I or Us which binds the whole of humanity into one union across time, space, status, color, creed, sex, and even political beliefs."
      Something bothered me about the man's response. His perception seemed profound, but narrowly focused compared to Helen's lateral lattice of a universally interconnected humanity in which division and isolation of any sort is inconceivable. I told the man about Helen's concept of the principle of universal love, a love for our own humanity and all humanity. I told him about the three elements that Helen recognizes to be represented in this universal matrix, the elements of peace, joy, and power; with peace being manifest by the universal kiss, with joy being manifest by universal economic development, and mankind's power being manifest in universal scientific and spiritual development.
      The man looked at me perplexed. Then his face lit up. "What you are talking about is an infinite concept," he replied. "What I have been talking about is a minute kernel of one of the three elements, the element of power. I have been talking about an aspect that unfolds with scientific development in the spiritual domain. Religions divide humanity. Nevertheless, we are a spiritual species. We are sentient; highly intelligent; we can discover and understand complex phenomena; we can create; we are creatures of love, joy, honor, integrity. These are all spiritual qualities. They have no material dimension. They are uniquely human qualities, without an equal in the universe, and being human qualities, they are subject to further development on a scientific basis. However, these are only the generally acknowledged spiritual qualities of our humanity. Who can tell what further spiritual qualities and spiritual dimensions are inherent in our humanity, that we are not even aware of as yet? It is absurd to believe that we have reached the limit of our understanding of ourselves. Science itself, recognizes no inherent limits in human understanding. In a sense, we have always known that there is more to be discovered and recognized about our spiritual dimension. The resulting speculation has lead to conjectures that gave rise to all the great religions of the world. Humanity stands divided by the multiplicity of these conjectures, over which countless was have been fought, and more wars will be fought. But where lies the truth, which takes us beyond the conjectures that divide us? Why can't this truth, that we can't yet see, be located and be understood in the domain of science? Science allows us to search for reality on ever higher levels of perception as we develop hypothesis, and prove the hypothesis, and then supercede them. That's the level from which I have been talking, from a higher level of scientific development and demonstrable proofs. Sometimes it becomes necessary to resort to old terminology to verbalize the advanced concepts, but in essence, what I said is correct."

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