Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 7 - Unity.
page 37

      "I know you have," the man answered. "And then again, you haven't. You had an inkling of the idea. You speak of being attracted to women, but this may be from an invalid standpoint. Most people seek to create unity, even intimacy, without knowing that the unity they seek does already exist. It exists as a fundamental principle that embraces us all; that embraces us into a unity in which we are one in being, which unfolds individual in expression. Unfortunately, most people do not allow themselves to see this, and feel this."
      I could sense that the man was right. I thought of Ushi. The unity I felt with her did exist fully and completely from the first moment on that we met. I didn't create it, nor did she. We merely discovered it and allowed it to unfold. It had been the same with Sylvia, and it was the same with Heather wherever she might be. Whatever stopped this unfolding had nothing to do with anything that is fundamentally true. The unity did not cease to exist.
      "But you are also a liar," the man said cautiously at one point. "You said you are especially attracted to women. You may have had deep reaching intimacies with them, but is this special attraction true? My experience tells me that this cannot be true if there is but one I or us. This principle is paramount. You cannot escape from it."
      I was puzzled by this. "Yes, I admit to having had deep intimacies with several women," I said, to prove my point, "but never with men."
      "I don't believe this," said the man. "How can you ignore the very thing that is happening between us, right now? I am not a woman, but we share deep thoughts. Now tell me, which person do you go to, routinely, when you seek advise, or when you need to share your innermost thoughts with someone? Give me a name?"
      "The name is, Steve," I replied spontaneously.
      "Ah, I rest my case," said the man. "This means that you have been lying to me, admit it. But more importantly, you have been lying to yourself and didn't realize it."
      "But how did you know?"
      "You told me yourself."
      "I told you that I was lying to you? How could I have, if I didn't know it myself?"
      "I knew that you were speaking a lie when you said that you were specially attracted to women, because this limitation is not possible. As I said, the principle that underlies all being is imperative. No one lives contrary to it, or apart from it. It may be possible that one is not aware of it and ignores the evidence, but the fact remains that this principle is a real factor in everyone's life."
      We spoke about a lot of things along this line, especially about things that are contrary to this principle, like long standing myths. He brought up marriage as an interesting case, because the marriage principle acknowledges the deeply natural unity that exists between men and women, while at the same time the established model of it rejects the principle of universal unity that it is founded on and reflects to some degree. Thus, it becomes an institution that erects a wall between other men and other women. "Marriage has become a paradox," he said, "because the isolation that it imposes against others is contrary to the fundamental principle of being. This is why we have prostitution, and why people have affairs. They try to deal with the paradox in the best way they can. They are struggling to be honest to the fundamental reality of all being. Often, this acknowledgement is made at a great peril to themselves when the marriage laws that create the paradox are violated."
      He made the point that it doesn't really matter what laws are instituted by society, including the legalized ownership of one another, because these laws cannot overrule the fundamental principle that there is but one I or Us, that no separation is possible in truth. He said that the artificial laws can only cause people to lie to themselves when they feel they must claim ownership rights over other people in order to protect something, not realizing that what they aim to create already exists naturally.

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