Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 6 - Shared Roses.
page 34

      People say that it is dangerous to walk alone at the mall in Washington, after dark. But did we heed this caution? No, not us, not now. Life was no longer to be hemmed in. Not this time, nor at any other time.
      As it was, we didn't find an ice cream store. We found a small grocery that had bundles of flowers for sale. I picked up two dark red roses and gave them to Sylvia.
      She looked at me with questioning eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked finally.
      "Those two roses represent what our lives have been like until now," I said and began to grin. Then I picked up all the rest of the roses and gave them to her. "Those represent what our lives may be like from now on," I grinned as I said this and kissed her.
      This time she didn't protest, but nodded, and kissed me in return. And she insisted on paying for half of them.
      With this great bundle of roses in our hand we went happily on to the Art Gallery to take in the last part of the traditional evening garden concert. We came just in time to hear the Dumpky trio by Dvorak, being performed, that reflected perfectly the mood we were in.

      Our victory that night had become a turning point from which unfolded one of the most lovely evenings we had had together. We walked and talked late into the night and into the morning, occasionally looking out for an ice cream store. We found one much later in the early hours of the dawn at a truck stop, after we decided to stay up for the sunrise together and search for a good place to watch it from. Also, we had more than just an ice cream cone that night. We had a full fledged sundae with all the trimmings, as loaded as it can get, and we had fun eating it.
      As for me, I enjoyed every minute that we were together. A sense of pride came over me for the privilege of being married to this wonderful woman. The joy that I felt was faintly reminiscent of the excitement that I had shared with Olive, and the gratitude I had felt for Tara's touch and Ushi's wide open love, and Helen's sensitivity to the truth. I found them all reflected in Sylvia, like sparks of light from the soul that illumine the universe.

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