Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 5 - Depopulation.
page 26

      At this point someone piped up from the audience and suggested that our speaker read the book "If I Were An Animal" to which Prince Philip of the British monarchy wrote the foreword. "He had written that he was tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus," the person shouted.
      Our speaker from India replied that she did read the book and that she also heard Prince Philip speak in person, with remarks on depopulation during his visit to Calcutta. She said that the prince had made it clear that he wants the world-population reduced not just by two billion people, but that he wants to have it reduced TO the two billion mark, which means that he wants three and a half billion people eliminated. "In other words he wants to be a virus that is a thousand times more deadly than AIDS," she said, "and there are people in the U.N. who want the world-population to be reduced even further than this, down to one billion, or even half a billion. This may sound crazy," she said, "but don't hold your breath, this type of depopulation is easily achieved when all the murderous elements are brought together at the same time, and public vaccination becomes scaled down to next to nothing. Then, when a new Black Death is unleashed out of the resulting biological caldron, humanity may be lucky if a tenth of a billion people survive, especially when this occurs in the midst of a global economic disintegration, overshadowed possibly by a nuclear war."
      She paused, then continued softly, "Do you know what all this means?" She looked around, scanning the audience. "Let me illustrate this," she continued. "This auditorium has 110 rows. Every row is filled. Let's say that this, altogether, represents today's world-population of five and a half billion people. If President Carter were to have his wish fulfilled, the last 44 rows would be vacant now. If Prince Philip had had his way, the last 70 rows would be vacant. Except the Prince is very generous. Others are not so. If some people of the U.N. had their wish fulfilled, the entire auditorium, from the eleventh row all the way to the back, would now be empty. You should think about that when you stand around in the lobby after the lecture, when you shake hands with one another, or are in conversation with other people. Look at their faces and remember that the vast majority of the people you see are slated to be erased under policies that are put forward by the most powerful policy makers that rule the world today."
      She paused after this. "Most likely, their coveted goal will not be fulfilled," the speaker continued, "because it is impossible to do this." She suggested that once the coveted ejaculation of death begins, it cannot be stopped until it played itself out to the end. "Most likely, only a single row of this auditorium will remain populated when the dust settles. Now ask yourself what your chances are, to be on that single row that remains. That's not a hypothetical question. This kind of scenario has been planned. It is a goal that a lot of powerful people are working towards. It is something that every person on the planet should be concerned about."
      Our speaker looked up from her paper for a brief pause. "This means that everyone from the second row to the back is targeted to be eliminated from the face of the earth," she repeated.

      While she spoke about these things I felt terribly ill. I was loosing my breath. I was beginning to cry. "Mankind must awake and inhibit this," I heard myself say in protest. "This can't be allowed."
      Moments later I felt tears running down my face, unstoppable. The tears were for the people I had seen and had learned to admire since the conference began. I could see their faces and their beautiful bodies and gentle manners, and sensed their feelings and their concerns for one another and the world. I could mentally see them being erased. I cried for them, for myself, for the loss of humanity to the world. I couldn't control the deeply stirred emotions of an unspeakable sadness. I got up hastily and left the auditorium. I made it to the far end of the lobby before I broke down completely. I cried not because the statistics had been overwhelming. I knew the statistics. I understood what they meant. I had talked about these issues with Steve, and others before him. Indeed, the woman hadn't presented anything that I didn't already know. In fact, she went lightly in defining the horror. I cried, because this knowledge had suddenly been given a new dimension against the background of an unfolding love that had come into my life, a love that had made everyone more precious; the people I had met at the conference; the little Soviet children who had sung for us; the young people who I had fallen in love with five times in ten minutes; and of course those other people most dear to me, like Sylvia, Ushi, Steve, Tony, and everyone else I knew and held dear. They were all suddenly caught up in this flow of death to be targeted as victims. I cried because I knew the woman from India had not fabricates one single aspect of her ugly presentation, but had gone lightly over the facts. I felt deep within me that everything she had said did have the potential to come to pass, because no one of humanity cared enough to raise one finger to stop the empire from unleashing the tragedy that it had purposed to unleash. I cried, because the movement that Steve, Ushi, and I had hoped to set in motion seemed so hopelessly feeble. I hardly noticed in my up-welling agony that someone was sitting beside me.

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