Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 5 - Depopulation.
page 24

      "Malthus, in turn inspired Charles Darwin," she continued, "who also regarded this original lie as the truth, who later inspired his cousin, Francis Galton with the same lie. Galton, eventually became the author of the Eugenics theory which Adolf Hitler utilized as an ideological foundation for exterminating the Jewish people, the chronically ill, the disabled, the decrepit, and whoever else didn't fit into the design of his new empire, the Third Reich.
      "Francis Galton had divided humanity into master races, and into races of lesser people which Hitler had later defined as 'useless eaters' and had done away with. Of course, Francis Galton only echoed what Aristotle had conjured up two thousand years earlier, who had divided humanity into those born to be masters by virtue of their supposedly superior intellect, and those born to be slaves, who by their supposed lack of that virtue, or who by their 'natural stupidity' would need to be ruled over for their own benefit. Evidence suggests that Aristotle created his particular brand of lies for the political objectives of the Persian Empire that had been dangerously challenged by the scientific and cultural renaissance that developed during the Greek Classical Period."
      The woman from India suggested next that we take a few steps beyond this quagmire to find the real roots of the depopulation spiral.
      She told us that a few decades after Galton had done his damage, even while Hitler's victims were still being mourned, an equally 'brilliant' servant of the Empire, Bertrand Russell, came to the forefront. "Russell wrote in his book on the impact of science upon society, that war has been disappointing in that wars don't kill enough people. He suggested in his book that a new Black Death should sweep across the world, once in every generation. He even suggested that a bacteriological war would prove to be more effective for depopulation."
      The woman from India said that a great tragedy was in the making the moment that people began to listen to Bertrand Russell. She said that the ideology in Russell's 1953 book gave rise, some sixteen years later, to the founding of the Club of Rome that had adopted the exact same objective. She told us that the Club of Rome was formed in 1969 by officials of NATO and the Travistock Institute of British Intelligence, and that the club was founded to promote once again the genocidal policies that grew out of the Malthusian lies. These modern versions of Thomas Malthus' lies became known throughout the world as the "Limits to Growth" theory which gave rise to the "post-industrial society" program.
      "By these lies," said the woman from India, "society was 'inspired' to destroy its own industries, even the very foundation of its physical existence." The woman then referred us back to Russell who had lamented that scientific and technological progress had made it possible for too many people to live in the world, which the Club of Rome described as a tragedy that it was determined to correct.
      The woman from India pointed out that in 1972, that is three years after the founding of the Club of Rome, the club's infamous "Limits to Growth" doctrine demanded the immediate termination of industrial development throughout all of the Third Word countries. She said that this genocidal policy was subsequently carried out by the forces of the IMF, the International Monetary Fund.
      She also pointed out that the Limits to Growth doctrine itself, was based on a fraudulent computer study. The fraud was openly admitted, nevertheless the report was hailed as a necessary "shock treatment" of the world's governments that were still committed to the principle of technological progress which stood in the way of the advance of poverty and the depopulation that was to follow.
      The woman pointed out further, that two years after the "Limits to Growth" doctrine had been introduced, the depopulation project was lifted into the sphere of the international policy arena during a U.N. sponsored International Conference on Population, held in Bucharest Romania. This became the first depopulation conference in history, convened on a world wide scale. It was at this conference that the Club of Rome's population reduction program was officially introduced to the whole world and was formally accepted by the nations under a world wide agreement. The woman from India also said that this was the year in which the Club of Rome introduced its "Mankind at the Turning Point" declaration which said: "The World has Cancer, and the Cancer is Man."

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