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Whether there will be war or not, we are and continue to be, people of a common humanity, a humanity that is our Soul, our Life, our Light, and the object of our Love.

It may be hard to hold on to this image of ourselves as human beings, when the mightiest military force on the planet, of the richest power on earth, is about to crush an impoverished, destroyed, and largely defenseless nation, less than a tenth of its own size, and this for the flimsiest excuse that defies all the principles of morality and international law, and is rejected by almost the whole of humanity. Still, we must hold onto the truth about our humanity, no matter what, in which we are all human beings, and embrace this truth, and so envelop all human beings in the light of our love for the humanity that we all share.

It is a great human tragedy to have many hundreds of thousands of men and women placed into theaters of mortal combat with each other, all driven on by countless different motives, except perhaps respect and love. Thus, our heart goes out not only to the children that fall by the wayside, whose life may be taken in war or become irrevocably marred; and to the mothers and fathers, and men and women of all ages who fall as helpless victims in the chasm of fire in which no one survives; but our heart goes out also to the soldiers who are hired to die on both sides by the tragedy that they all become embroiled in. They too, need the light of our love and its healing effect. And so do we all, ourselves. 

In this war, in which the world's peace and the principles of our civilization are sacrificed on the imperial altar of force, hate, and a commitment to the infinite crime--the murdering of human beings--no person of humanity will remain unaffected. In this ensuing tragedy that may extend beyond the end of our own lifespan, we need to support one another with an ever-growing light of love, in the hope that in this light, as it unfolds by our common effort, a new dawn for humanity is being born.

In this light we stand not (vertically) above one another, or below one another, but we stand (laterally) side by side WITH each other. How else could we love? 

How does a gardener love a rose? Is not the beauty of the rose anchored in the beauty of the human Soul, so that the substance of it is merely echoed in the rose? Isn't that also where all love is anchored, reflecting the substance of our own humanity. 

The joyful words, "I love you," are but an acknowledgement of the beauty of our own Soul, the Soul of our common humanity. Thus, the light of love that goes out from us, that encircles humanity, is but a reflection of our self-love. And so, as we touch one another on that level, we find ourselves united with one another by countless stands of love in a universal lateral lattice of human hearts. In this sense the whole of humanity can be likened to a city of light. Shouldn't we rejoice in this light and embrace one another on this platform?

Yes, we should embrace one another on this platform, but this involves many more questions. I have written a series of five novels on the dimension of this principle, the principle of universal love. The series is called, The Lodging for the Rose

I have further taken 28 stories from this series of novels and presented them in a summary context to illustrate the multipolar dimension in which the principle of universal love comes to light. (the stories are accessible below, under the title Agape: In Search for Universal Love)

The unfolding light of humanity 
in a last minute near universal rejection of the imperial war ultimatum.

The First Commandment's Gateway to Nuclear War
and how to defeat it.

Canada and LaRouche at the Center of the World

The Lodging for the Rose

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