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Discovering Universal Love in Civilization

In times of a great existential crisis, such as one the world once faced at the height of the Cold War when the doomsday clock stood near the midnight hour, questions about the power of love invariably assert themselves, since all lesser options have proved to be useless. Such question had been asked for instance in the early 1600s when the Thirty Years War was eradicating entire segments of society. Out of it came the Treaty of Westphalia, which raised the standard of civilization to a new high level that is still acknowledged as the foundation for modern civilization.

We are facing this type of crisis once again as ever louder threats of nuclear war are heard. This modern threat may be unfolding in a different environments perhaps, but it is one that brings to the scene an even greater severity which should impel us once again to explore the nature and the power of of the principle of universal love which comes to light more and more as our final option, our option of last resort, as all the other options that were pursued during the last fifty years to eliminate the nuclear threat were proven worthless. We are fast approaching the point when we are forced out of sheer necessity to recognize that all other options have failed, and pursue the one option that has proven its worth historically, but which has been denied in our modern world.

With this consideration emerges a second question. Do we care enough to pursue the required discoveries of the nature of universal love in our own life, in order to unlock what may turn out to be the greatest treasure we have, or indeed can ever have, on which the survival of civilization will ultimately have to rest? 

That question poses a great challenge. I began two decades ago, ever since the height of the Cold War, to explore the dimension of this challenge, which led to the writing of what became a series of eight novels The Lodging for the Rose. The exploration of universal love at the grassroots social domain brings to light horrendous challenges, but with it also come to light expanding freedoms in a Principle oriented environment that is essential for uplifting the world. The challenges that the principle of universal imposes appear almost insurmountable since the higher dimension of love has been pushed so far into the background, and been narrowed, that it has drifted out of sight and out of mind. Still, all of this can be changed easily with a greater sense of honesty with ourselves. The beauty of our situation is that we don't have to change our humanity. It just needs to be brought more fully to light.

I have pulled 30 stories from my series of eight novels, The Lodging for the Rose. and have presented them here in the form of a pedagogical overview, touching upon a few of the wide range of issues that are involved in the discovery of universal love which unfolds as a celebration of our humanity. The 30 stories may be accessed below.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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