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History at the Cross Roads
Foreword - March 25, 2003
by Rolf Witzsche

War Victory - Gateway to World War IV


Canada and LaRouche at the Center of the World

The LaRouche proposed Global- Land-Bridge that puts Canada at the center of
worldwide economic development. LaRouche offers peace and prosperity, not war, with his New Bretton Woods policy.

The First Commandment's Gateway to Nuclear War
and how to defeat it!

A strategic study about winning LaRouche's fight for universal principles and a new renaissance as the basis for the security and the general welfare of all humanity.


In the dark hours of war, terrorism, and gross inhumanity the gentle light of mankind's humanity and universal love for one another unfold as a beacon of hope, peace, and a new world without fascism, imperialism, terrorism, and inhumanities.


Agape: In Search for Universal Love

The knowledge to build nuclear weapons will forever be with us, against which no reliable physical defenses exist. Thus, we face the challenge to create a world without war, upheld by the principles of universal sovereignty and universal love, in which we can exist securely against the background of this knowledge.


The road to peace is a road away from the drive for war. It is a road that is rooted in the principles of human dignity, found in spiritual and economic development, and a new renaissance as LaRouche suggests.


The crash of civilization that is now unfolding into war has a long and twisted root that has fractured the cultural and economic platform of the world. We now face the challenge to "rebuild a bankrupt world," as LaRouche has put it, against today's flow of a new fascism, imperialism, and small-minded attitudes around the world.


Nuclear war is an episode that we cannot survive, while the cries become louder for the use of these weapons, by which the human dimension becomes pushed more and more into the background as if we didn't live in a human world. Against this trend stands LaRouche's 2003 State of the Union address, as a call for sanity.


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