Canada and LaRouche:
 In Search of Universal Love

  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Canada lies at the center of the future Land-Bridge
between Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas

The internationally renowned economist, statesman, and pioneer for a New Renaissance,  Lyndon H.LaRouche Jr., stands at the world center as the intellectual author and promoter of this essential project for the dawn of a New Age For Humanity.   


A Partnership in Community of Principle 

While there exists no official political partnership between LaRouche and Canada, there exists a Unity in Principle which is rooted in Canada's long history as an ideological center for world-peace, the respect for human values, cultural dialogs, and economic cooperation. Canada's role in the world will likely continue to rest on this foundation, because its future and its prosperity is tightly linked with the future and the prosperity of the whole world. Since global peace and economic development is one of the chief cornerstones in LaRouche's fight for a global New Renaissance in Our Time, there exists a similarity in goals, which is also shared by many nations around the world, on which too, their future prosperity depends.

In consideration of Canada's unique, central position in the world, we will likely see a renewal and strengthening Canada role as an ideological partner of the world, an exporter of peace, tolerance, and respect for the principles of universal love and universal sovereignty that became established in 1648 in the Treaty of Westphalia as the foundation for modern civilization. Since these principles are threatened to be overshadowed by a new rise of fascism around the world, in many different forms, LaRouche's work for humanity involves a fight to uncover the modern roots of this fascism and to uplift humanity above it into an era of peace and humanity. In this respect, his interests and the interests of Canada, and that of the whole world, become intertwined.

Nevertheless, there exists an urgent need for humanity to uplift itself. This need exists, because peace and human survival in the age of nuclear weapons is ultimately not a technological, political, or philosophical issue, but is an issue of human beings relating to one another as human beings on a platform of ageless universal principles. The most fundamental of these, evidently are the principle of universal love and universal sovereignty that once were faintly recognized in 1648 as the foundation for civilization. These principles are also the most challenging, and the most difficult to implement, even if the survival of our civilization and humanity as a whole may depend on it.

How far we have drifted, collectively around the world, towards loosing our humanity is best illustrated by our near universal willingness to perpetuate the murdering of children and men and women under U.N. imposed, and American enforced sanctions against Iraq for totally unjustifiable reasons.

In 1945 the world was changed. The knowledge to build nuclear bombs will never go away, nor can this knowledge be eradicated with fascist attacks and overwhelming force. We have only one option, therefore, which is to create a world in which we can life securely in spite of that knowledge. This world can only be a world without war and related terror and destruction, a world of sovereign nations in community of principles and universal love. Canada may find its richest export in this sphere on which the future of humanity depends, and its own future prosperity.



Canada and The LaRouche Global Land-Bridge Development Project

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In Search of Universal Love

Humanity needs Peace, not War, to survive

The Axis of Peace

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